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  1. Hello Now that i received my MaxSea I would like to know what could enventually happen if maxsea would go into the soil?
  2. Cool!!! Did you just sow normal dionaea seeds?
  3. What do you think? Lights and heat, indoors during mid of autum to the mid of spring and on summer (before and after) putting them outdoors in a ppace where gets direct sun light for like 8hours. I guess I'll have to experiment ;)
  4. I order some MaxSea ;). This question because I saw a guy that have made a seedling growing to maturity in 2Years just feeding them and skipping the first 2 dormancys... I wanted some adult sarracenias
  5. Hello to you all!!! I would like to know if and why does, skiping dormancy on sarracenias speed their growth since seed to maturity... This because I saw a guy that had a sarracenia that since seed to maturity, toke about 2,5 years... He said that fed the plants with Maxsea (or something simillar) and skiped dormancy by 2 years... Thanks ;)
  6. Rhizome Division? Like cut it in peices with attached roots? Like in this foto?
  7. Hello guys My friend questioned me if would be possible to propagate a sarracenia by a flower stalk like we do on dionaeas and some droseras... Is it? Thanks S.R.
  8. Yeah. I will get the soil ready and put them outdoors for dormancy...
  9. Aldi is a supermarket like Lidl... May not exist on your country...
  10. Hello!!! Do anyone knows wich type of soil is this? Old sphagnum moss? A commercial soil? It came in carnivorous plants from Aldi? Is it good? Or is it better to change?
  11. Wow... Am I in a dream?! They are so beautifull, congrats ;)
  12. Thanks for the helpfull replys... The first cacti looks like M. knippeliana, the second one I have to contact some of Carnivine's friends (thanks by the sites ) About the Aloes... The first one is A. mitriformis but about the second, doesn't look like it... Have to search with time... Thanks to you too
  13. How do you water the plants during holidays (especcialy during summer, outdoors)? Do you have any sistem? Do you have a neighbour that waters your plants? What do you think of a sistem where a pump once time a day pumps the water needed to water all the plants?
  14. I would like to know, if possible, the species of this plants Cactus1 (the plant): Cactus1 (flower): Cactus2 (the Plant): This foto is old (of Cactus2)... He now has big things (the ones that you see next to the soil) almost all over him... A guy sad that the cactus can be of mammillaria´s familly... Succulent1 (the plant): Succulent2 (the plant): Thanks ;)
  15. And here is my sarracenia seed germination thingy On the first time I had the top part of the bottle, but then an experient CP grower sad to me to take that part off because here on Portugal the conditions are almost the same that in sarracenia´s habitat (outdoors of course)... Seed (S. Farhamii) focus: The bottle with the top part that I toke: Now I have to wait to germination... See you soon ;)
  16. Yeah, I know they can propagte very easly, but I just would want some seeds only for experience, and next to germinate for exeprience too...
  17. I recently bougth a U. Sanderesonii... I know that she is pretty fast in self propagation, but I would like to know if this plant can be pollinated by itself...
  18. Hello guys I would like to know how to identify two diferent genes of drosera adelae so I can pollinate their flowers... Is it by the colour of the flower??? Bye ;)
  19. And I have to worry about fungi or/and algae?
  20. Tnks... And i have to put them in a pot with a top or just put them without it?
  21. Hi :) Soon I will recive some sarracenia seeds (I think :?) and I would like to you answer some questions I have, please I live in Portugal so we have here a good winter with low temperatures like 5 to 15 °C, can I put the seeds outside 2 months before the spring to stratify? If yes could i just put them in a box without any top and a month later put them in a 25, 28 °C pot with the respective soil and wait for the germination?
  22. Hello guys :) My friend has a sarrencia and he wants to know what specie is it... Can anyone, please, say what is this specie? (i think is a hybride one) Some photos... Thank you :)