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  1. The seed was put in the post this morning, two people shared it.
  2. Please dont send any envelopes now its to late the seed will be divided between the two people that sent envelopes. Happy Christmas
  3. I will be sending the seeds next friday, i still only have two envelopes, crazy but it seems people would rather pay forseed than just pay postage, oh well the offer was there, happy christmas
  4. Still only two envelopes seems like they will be recieving quite a lot of seed lol
  5. I have now received two envelopes and will send the seed out soon so the others that asked get your envelopes to me soon or you could lose out thank you Mark
  6. Many years ago i helped out on the CPS display at the Chelsea flower show i had a great time talking about the plants to people from all over the world, i also had a long chat with Adrien Slack as he was setting up his stand before the show opened he was friendly and we had a laugh
  7. The dried sphagnum moss does soon become green and starts to grow but in a confined area it will start to multiply fast and can swamp the smaller sundews and butterworts and even venus fly traps so its a good idea to keep an eye on this and thin it out around the smaller plants. Good luck Mark
  8. I have now closed this offer since i now have enough people that would like the seed with just enough to go around, please, the people whose requests i have accepted could you get your envelopes posted as soon as possble, thank you Mark
  9. Hi I'm in East Anglia too Lowestoft, i used to love driving to garden centres where i bought a few plants, cant do that now, good luck with the micro bog, just be sure it doesn't dry out to fast. Sent from my PMT7177_3G using Tapatalk
  10. Have a small excess of Darlingtonia seed and i would be interested to see if anyone would like some of it let me know if you are interested and i will let you know how to recieve some there is no charge for the seed but if you send me a self addressed stamped envelope ill send the seed, how much seed you get will depend on how many people would like some LA guys and ladies of course Pirate. Please do not ask if you intend to sell them on, i was donated two cephalotus and its my way of helping people to get a plant they may not be able to afford thanks