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  1. Jaicen

    Drosera Aliciae

    You should probably bring it inside once the frosts start. Will probably survive a few light frosts, but sustained freezing will probably kill it.
  2. Looks like Drosera Paradoxa, that's occasionally seen in garden centres, but much less frequently than Capensis and Alicae. Nice find, doesn't look like it's in too bad shape all things considered.
  3. Yeah, I thought about that, but there's only about 15mm of soil. I did the same thing with some spare Drosera, and those I will leave, but i'm concerned that the Darlingtonia might get crowded and not have enough soil support?
  4. I put some Darlingtonia seedlings in the fridge to stratify, and long story short, I forgot to move them from the container into pots before they germinated. Any suggestions what to do? I'm inclined to leave them alone till they're like small plants?
  5. Does anyone have any advice for growing on seedlings of Drosophyllum? I've managed to germinate one seed so far, which has a pair small green shoots currently showing. The pots are germinating in an unheated propagator currently, should I worry about moving it out of the propagator?
  6. Awesome, thanks I'll bear that in mind next summer.
  7. Makes sense, but you'd have to bag before the flowers open?
  8. I'm wondering what people do to prevent their specimen plants hybridising when you want seeds? Assuming they're all growing and flowering together? Do you usually isolate plants you want to set seeds?
  9. Yes, that was my thinking too. The cows have had a dramatic effect on the area, it's very much broken up the ground and there's a lot of dung so it's likely that this, combined with the grazing has eradicated most of the interesting plants. I didn't see any of the purple orchids, and found just a few small D. Rotundifolia. I'm not sure what the 'land management' were thinking to be honest.
  10. Just an update, I went back to find the pings again today, but it looks like they are gone. The area has been heavily grazed and trampled by cows
  11. Wow, very nice plants that look to be thriving. I hope to visit them one day.
  12. I think Yossu has a point, but the novelty collectability (pokémon effect?) of the biodomes is a winner for me. Where are you finding neps for £4 though? Plus, they grow like weeds compared to most other Neps I've grown (and killed ). My Windowsill Suki is putting out its second new pitcher and has grown out the top of the dome already in just 4 weeks. FWIW, of the three varieties I have, Suki is by far the most vigorous, Lady luck the least.
  13. Excellent news, guess that means they may re-stock in my area too. I may get some more Suki, it seems to like the conditions i'm growing it in on my work windowsill. Averaging 20 degrees and 50% humidity on a north west window and it's out growing of the pot and pitchering nicely. It's been there exactly a month and seems to be thriving on just tap water. Result.
  14. That's funny, I've been scouring charity shops for old glass 'fish bowls' to use as terrariums. Have you had any joy in the hunt Yossu?
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