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  1. Oh wow. I didn't expect this nice greenhouse!!! There are A Lott of beautiful seedlings!!!!!!!

    Wow you look like a nepenthes lover. Oh look at the huge leaf of nepenthes. That is very big ! I wanna visit there. But too far. ;(

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  2. Oh sorry for one of ur jar with fungi. But other seeds in ur picture look healthy without any fungi ! Great great Good luck to ur seedlings! I hope to see ur nice collection of nepenthes in future !

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  3. I feel nice too !! Good luck to ur seeds :)! But !! Need to keep it mind. ! After 2 days in H202. The N seeds will be very softer so. I use a tweezer to pick them up and put on LSM. The process could exhaust you deadly. If you have a lot of seeds :(

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  4. Thank you les for answering:)!

    For H202 , I mixed hydrogen peroxide one or two spoon with one cup of distilled water. And I soaked the nepenthes seeds in that for 2days for sterilization. ! The seeds will be swollen ! And will get high germination rate with LSM:)!

    the Live sphagnum moss will die with the hydrogen peroxide.

    For dried sphagnum moss. I soaked them with water and heat up them in microwave for one minutes. That way the fungi and spores will die. But !! I don't like dried sphagnum moss. Since I bought cheap sphagnum moss at Home Depot and it got various fungi I've never seen !!!! So bad !

    But I use the dead sphagnum moss for base and I use live sphagnum moss for the top dressing :)!

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  5. Wow it is nice experiment. I am sure that this will be useful information in germinating nepenthes seeds. Growing more than 200 could bug but it must be very rewarding and joyful process. ! I hope that I will grow my N seeds well ! They must be a very fancy collection of nepenthes!

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  6. I also buy nepenthes seeds from ebay. But. Buying fresh seeds are critical factor for high germination rate. When you buy the seeds.

    First. You want to check the collected dates. Usually 2 months from collecting dates are acceptable!

    Second. The more seeds you have. The more germination you will get. So. I want you to buy several pods of nepenthes seeds at once for making sure !

    Third. It is not required. But. I recommend you germinate seeds on live sphagnum moss. Which will produce natural fungicide constantly.

    Good luck to ur attempting!

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  7. ec968e43d7903295fccff1c8f49f22be.jpg.

    Recently. I got a lot of fresh N seeds from Fascinate CP grower. I planted them yesterday at dawn. I was so happy that I got fresh and big seeds I've never seen before !

    The N seed became very transparent since I took them in H202 for 56hours. I can sure that this embryo is alive. !

  8. Thank you so much for ur congrats!! Wow innermis.!! That's so cool. !!! Wow. A lot of good luck for ur new coming seeds. So envious of you! Definitely many sprouts will appear:)!! I saw one sprout two days ago. And today. I found total 8 sprouts all together!!!

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  9. I have read that some sprouts could possibly killed by fungi because fungi love to munch on. And I also have heard that it is better to transplant when they are bigger than 3 inches. Or before sprouts have roots. We can transplant them. I have also read that we should lower the humid while the sprouts grow. ! Also we should not pour water directly on the small sprouts with its pitchers. It can cause them die too !!!

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