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  1. One of mine died like this after I had just bought it, I think it is simply too much light too soon (in combination with possibly lack of proper humidity) , it may recover though, it will just take time (at least a month looking at the picture but could be even three or not recover at all, unfortunately) I wouldn't worry about infestation
  2. Did you get it recently? It does that to my plants when I don't take my time to make them aclimatize properly in shadowed positions
  3. Beautiful as always !! I would have thought it was Spathulata x campanulata , not spathulata x talengensis I need to study them again XD
  4. How does an infected nepenthes look like?
  5. Thank you all for the kind words I will keep you updated!
  6. Just a couple of Nepenthes pics! (black) Rafflesiana x Ampullaria Black Miracle Viking x ( Viking x Kuchingensis ) Viking Wing x (Viking x Kuchingensis ) [(Viking x Rafflesiana) x Northiana] x [(Viking x Ampullaria) x Northiana] Ampullaria
  7. Let's hope nothing serious happened to him ! ...
  8. I just want to point out that I 've just got another package after 12 days of shipping ( it seems there was some delay due to inspections ) and David was very cooperative and helpful , and the plants were so much bigger than I'd expect (and surprisingly fine after this long time in a box ) Still one of the best from my point of view.
  9. I thought that too, it doesn't seem they are keen to answer any email though
  10. Oh stop joking around , they are ALL awesome !
  11. Oops, my mistake also ,I should have checked first . Thanks Collins
  12. Fryderyk

    D. Intermedia

    They will get control of your greenhouse in a year or two ! Lol
  13. I'm not an expert, but looking at its flower it doesn't seem brevifolia's , which instead looks very much like a capillaris one . I'm not sure though , could it be var. Lovellae ? Se vuoi ti mando delle foto delle mie :)
  14. Hi, I bought a 6x6 Palram Harmony greenhouse and I can say it is pretty firm and solid. No risk of getting the windows broken by the wind! I must say I'm pretty satisfied with it :) :) Kind regards, Federico
  15. I and many other guys ordered from him, you can sleep tight , you will get healthy plants ! :)
  16. ? Weren't they on a journey ? How did you get a package yesterday ?
  17. It could be ,but for sure, I don't think it could ever been read with a pronounce similar to english. If you would like to try a pronunciation similar to latin you should try with a spanish or italian way to read , I think .. Truth be told, though , even French reads in a different way vowels .. so .. who knows D:
  18. Being italian and having studied latin in high school , i can assure you that - ii is pronounced "ee-ee " So , mooreii is "moore - ee - ee " , chelsonii chelson- ee - ee , slackii slack -ee - ee etc Harperi is pronounced simply " harper- ee " , but with a short " ee " I've never heard of "ee - i " pronunciation in latin , but I can't tell for sure it is wrong; it just doesn't sound latin though .. Hope this can be of some help :)
  19. I must say, though, I' ve ordered from carnivoria several times, and I always had the plants name written on the bags , even when he gave me bonus plants ....