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  1. I have a few VFT seedlings in a tray, would you say they are big enough to thin out now or wait until they are bigger.
  2. Thanks, i spent an hour clearing all the moss away from the traps on sunday so hopefully they will be ok until after winter
  3. My fly trap seedlings are starting to get covered by moss, is this something to be concerned about? how can i stop it?
  4. it's irish moss peat with a bit of perlite and sand mixed in. The peat is several years old if it makes any difference.
  5. thanks, they are sat in about half an inch of water along with my adult plants, i shall remove them from the water tray tomorrow if they are too wet.
  6. Planted these seeds about 2 months ago and these have started sprouting, are they VFTs if so whats the next step, are they ok in a unheated greenhouse, they are covered with a tray cover at the minute, shall i leave it on or am i better not using it now?
  7. just re joined after a break of about 4 years, life and family got in the way and my plant collection had to go. now i have more time i am looking to re build my collection so will be dropping by regularly.