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  1. Wellcome, Nice to have you on the forum.
  2. All you have to do is keep adding water and using your hand mix it into a stiff mud mixture :)
  3. If they do not catch many flies being they are inside then a dilute foliar feed once a month will do them a world of good.
  4. We just need a close up picture Lowii to be able to see the white stuff in detail :)
  5. Update on SB plant invigorater . At the beginning of the week i noticed that a couple of my VFT,s and the flower stems of a couple of my Drosera had aphids ,i gave them a spray of SB and the same the next evening to get any stragglers and i am pleased to report that the aphids were destroyed and my plants suffered no ill effects,so all in all a result :)
  6. Have you checked the roots for any nasties (grubs etc )
  7. Somerset too, very few flies around at the moment.
  8. I believe in the hydroponics world it may be known as bud rot .
  9. That is a very striking vft,if these become available i would love one :)
  10. I am afraid that over the five evenings there has been about two seconds on CPs ,very disappointing .
  11. I had a refund from ebay, she ignored my emails, and as you said i would of much preferred the Slack but i found Ebays buyers protection excellent ,once they stepped in it took about five minutes to find in my favour and they refunded my paypal account. I have learnt my lesson !
  12. Ebay has just refunded my money from this seller , i was meant to be getting a Adrian Slack which surprise ,surprise did not turn up. She tried telling me it had been posted and hoping that i was a soft touch ! In the email to me she said her name was Shelly, in the notification from Ebay her name is Anita Faith! But i have to say fair play to Ebay for refunding my money very very quickly :)
  13. I have a small building business specialising in listed buildings etc and i also have a firework display business (stellar fireworks ) which we are building up so i can do less building and more time for C.Ps :)
  14. I am 48 going on 18 0n occasion :)
  15. My B52 VFT is growing at least three flower stems , i am certainly not complaining as it means more cuttings ,but i was wondering if this is common behaviour ?
  16. I will keep you posted. I will keep you posted.
  17. I see that there a few different posts on insect infestations etc and the best treatment. Well ,after noticing the possible start of whitefly on my VFT i was searching the web and came across a product called ,SB plant invigorater and bug killer, it turns out it is totally insecticide free,safe to pets and children and also feeds your plant at the same time ,and also i found out later on that evening it comes recommended by Hampshire C.Ps and is used by them. So it goes without saying i now have some in the greenhouse reading and waiting
  18. Hi Jano , welcome to the forum and good to have you here .
  19. Thank you for the heads up ,i will check out the details.
  20. you could say that ,maybe a understatement ! I am looking forward to the Axminster show where there is always a nice C.P stand in the plant marque , (south west carnivorous plants ) where i am sure i will indulge myself :)
  21. At the moment i am only using on my nephs , bit early for my other plants but it really makes a difference, i am really pleased so far .
  22. I use it as recommended by the experts,as a foliar spray using approx 1.5 grams per 500ml water. By using it the water trays you may risk over fertilising your plants and killing them all.