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  1. For your roof vent you just need to fit a automatic opener,they are not expensive and takes the worry and of hassle out of it.
  2. £70 I got mine from Californian Carnivores and i think it was about £29 with shipping .
  3. Great write up and well done for getting your greenhouse finished,i have really enjoyed this thread and look forward to seeing your plants in situ :)
  4. The recommended way is to foliar feed, but some people do put the fertiliser in the traps. You were saying about the p&p charges when importing Maxsea ,but when you consider that you get approx 660g and you only need about 1.5g to treat 500ml of water it will last you a long time and you know your plants and sphagnum will love it :)
  5. Thank you FredG, That was sort of what i was thinking but thought it does not hurt to ask:)
  6. Some of my mature sarracenia are producing up to three flower stems,should i leave these alone and enjoy the display,or trim them to just leave one ?
  7. wellcome to the forum Pizzabus.
  8. I also use it earlier on in the season ,the dosage i use is 1.5g per 500ml water , and it is after all recommended by Californian Carnivores so i really do not think that you are going to harm your plants in using it !
  9. Looking at the forecast it looks like your wish will be granted :)
  10. Most of my rhizomes are half under ,half on top .
  11. If you set up a rain water collecter you will soon have plenty of the right sort of water :)
  12. I think my neighbours think i am mad ,but i have being on night time patrol armed with a torch and a cup of tea . Just spending ten minutes when it gets dark pays dividends ,8 slugs and 1 snail over three evenings.
  13. Did you check the seeds Richard ?
  14. You would have to think that from a very reputable seller such as these that the seeds would be very viable and should give you some nice and interesting plants .
  15. I am going to pay a visit to P&J plants this saturday and was wondering if anybody else is thinking of making the trip ?
  16. Thanks for showing us the pictures ,they all look stunning !
  17. Hi Yossu , I grow mine in a south facing bathroom window, (frosted glass ) i keep the soil moist by watering from the top until the water overflows the dish on the pot which i probably do about twice a week. I give it a foliar feed twice a month using Maxsea 16.16.16 but a think you can use dilute orchid feed. I also mist it every evening (rain water ) taking care to mist all the newly forming traps .
  18. Welcome Matej , Its a great forum and good to have you here :)
  19. I only have the one plant which i have had for nine years now, it is a Nepenthes x Ventrata (Alata) it has at the moment got about nine traps ,i never used to feed it, but after being given the Savage Garden i realised that maybe i should and it seems to have really taken off , I will see if i can get some pics up if i can get my head around the process :)
  20. I grow mine in the bathroom window,with two of us having a show each day and me giving them a mist each evening that seems to be ample, BTW,Carni grower, yours look stunning :)
  21. Job done, I expect your other half would love the mess of that in the kitchen :)
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