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  1. 23 hours ago, Fly trap said:

    The soil I can use to fill it is a mix of peat and sand however it has been in my greenhouse for about two weeks and its kinda humid in their, 

    (Apologies I'm new at this :D)

    Air flow is your C.P;s friend, if your greenhouse is humid,open up your door and vents and get some air in there.

  2. Just a little warning for those buying RO water at there local aquatics store ,i picked some up yesterday and and checked that this was pure RO ,without salt which they said it was ,when i got it home i nearly tipped it straight into my water but but thought i would check it ,it was reading 3300 on the meter ,yep it had salt in ! 

    Luckily enough no harm done,changed it today so no problem , but could of killed my plants !

  3. I have been filling my trays for about three weeks now ,(somerset) as my plants have started waking up and sending up flowers ,as for them freezing solid ,that has happened to mine a few times over the last few winters and they just shrug it off .


    Just thought that i would add that even through the winter i keep about a half inch of water in my trays ,when that is gone i top it up again .

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  4. Its great,you can see the changes each day,word of warning though,with the warmer weather the slugs are waking up ! So i have starting doing a late evening patrol with my torch and found five last night,i shall carry on doing this for a while as they only have to nibble a forming pitcher and it is ruined.

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