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  1. Air flow is your C.P;s friend, if your greenhouse is humid,open up your door and vents and get some air in there.
  2. After receiving a order from Cedric,he has very kindly sent me a free plant, I would just like some help in identifying it, i am assuming it is a Flava ,but which one ? Thanks all Vince
  3. Just a little warning for those buying RO water at there local aquatics store ,i picked some up yesterday and and checked that this was pure RO ,without salt which they said it was ,when i got it home i nearly tipped it straight into my water but but thought i would check it ,it was reading 3300 on the meter ,yep it had salt in ! Luckily enough no harm done,changed it today so no problem , but could of killed my plants !
  4. Hi, Wellcome to the forum :)
  5. It is as you said to help keep fungal disease down .
  6. I have been filling my trays for about three weeks now ,(somerset) as my plants have started waking up and sending up flowers ,as for them freezing solid ,that has happened to mine a few times over the last few winters and they just shrug it off . Just thought that i would add that even through the winter i keep about a half inch of water in my trays ,when that is gone i top it up again .
  7. starseeker

    Hi all

    Wellcome to the forum , lovely set up you have there .
  8. I have been doing a torchlit check every evening for a month now, picked up at least forty now :/
  9. Nice looking plants, I expect most of us on here started with one or two plants and then as time goes by ,you take a step back and think whoa ,what happened there as you admire your rapidly filling greenhouse :)
  10. If i remember correctly ,there was some grain which was found in one of the great pyramids which the scientist managed to germinates,so in the scheme of things seeds at ten years old are mere youngsters !:)
  11. There is nothing to worry about there, your plant is just suffering from a bout of indigestion after feeding so well :)
  12. Hi ,i have just done a quick search and it is listed on Ebay and Amazon,also there are some gardening webshops which have it listed :)
  13. not a bloody chance,once Spain,and Italy got the same way as Greece and go cap in hand to the IMF the whole house of cards will start tumbling down.
  14. Even though i worry that my neighbours think i am mad,i have been doing my torch lit patrols for about a month or so now,well over 20 slugs etc found :)
  15. I took some flower stem cuttings last year, out of ten i got three plants,but prepare to be patient as one took ten months to to shoot.
  16. Hellcat and Gj Bloody nurse for me,i love the look of them :)
  17. I see that Hewitt Cooper carnivorous plants have just listed a , Adrian Slack, Goldie and a Leah Wilkerson all on one listing ,could be interesting to see what this little lot go for.
  18. For one i would use tap water to wash your substrate and not waste your rain water,and like you i collect my water off my green house which goes into a 40ltr tub,i then use this to fill my butts through the winter ready for the growing season.
  19. I see that Insektenfang has now got a new owner and i was wondering if it was anybody on here ?
  20. Wellcome to the forum,
  21. Its great,you can see the changes each day,word of warning though,with the warmer weather the slugs are waking up ! So i have starting doing a late evening patrol with my torch and found five last night,i shall carry on doing this for a while as they only have to nibble a forming pitcher and it is ruined.
  22. Most people suggest to feed at 1/4 recommended strength and go from there.
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