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  1. I bought some of ebay which were harvested last summer. After being told unless they are fresh its basically useless i sent them back Dan
  2. Thanks peter, you have answered my wuestion already as i ask the seller when the seeds were harvested and he said last summer. I think i should send them back and let ebay know as he is selling duds basically? Thanks Dan
  3. I have just purchased some N. Ampullaria seeds from a seller on ebay, i got 5 seeds which look like whitish hairs. My question is what is the best method of germinating. I see in other threads people use sphagnum moss and have success. I just wanted to know : Do i place seeds on top or under sphagnum? What temps should it be? Do i put sphagnum in pot and cover with clingfilm for humidity? What is the ideal temp that they germinate beat at? Any info at all would be great as ive never tried nep seeds. Thanks Dan
  4. Mine have got roots after a month, they havent showed any sign of new growth yet i am looking to transplant them to there pots soon
  5. You can get the t5 units of ebay but they could be abit bulky for shelves. You can get the small fitments from hydroponic shops if there are any local to you, i will try to find a link to the ones i think would be best suited. Dan
  6. A waste water meter charge? People have these? Dan
  7. I tried the under water method with my capensis, 1 month later and there are tiny new plants sprouting from the leaf, looking to try it with vft next. Dan
  8. Im sure they can be grown in moss also, soak the soil in rainwater or similar, when it is wet plant your plant, happy days. I have used sand in some of my vft they seem to do ok. From what ive read people use all kinds of soils it just depends which works best for you. Dan
  9. Hi fred, sorry i didnt see your messege on the last thread i have just checked, it says it is very soft but i am unsure how to work out tds. There are lot of different metals and chlorine etc. what is it i look for. ThanksDan
  10. Following up from my other thread, i have come to the decision a RO unit will be the best option for me. I have a 240L aquarium which will also benifit from the RO Water. I have read up abit on these and i see there are portable unit and fitted units. I think i will only need the 50gal per day unit, but i am unsure ehich unit to go for. Anyways there are some things i would like to know before i make my purchase: 1. How hard are the fitted units to install? 2. Are the fitted units better than the portable units? 2. Is there much maintanence with either RO units? If anybody uses a RO unit i would like to hear your input and advise. Thanks Dan
  11. Just had a look at at them, theres one for £50 which says 50 gal per day. How do they connect up as i live in a appartment so not the most of space? Regarding another water butt the one i have already is only of a 8x6 greenhouse from one side of roof and isnt even 1/3 full. Dan
  12. Welcome, i like your name nepenthaholic
  13. Hello checked my dads water butt today and it is running very low, as it is coming into summer and there will be a shortage of rain i am planning on using RO water which i will purchase from my local pet store. I read in a thread that something is needed to be done to RO water before it is ok to use with CP's. Anybody use RO? Or is there any better solutions. Thanks Dan
  14. Update to my leaf pullings, checked them today and after 1 month they have small roots like the picture shown above. Do i keep these in here untill the roots are longer or can i transplant them now? Thanks Dan