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  1. Rafle


    Hello ! I would like some infos about H.ionasii. Is it an easy one ? Does it grow fast or slowly ? Thank you for everything you can tell me about ionasii ^^.
  2. I must add that i have found Heliamphra heterodoxa x nutans not very tolerant !
  3. Hello ! I would like to create a "debate" : Which Heliamphora you think is the most easy / difficult one to cultivate ? Feedbacks are more than welcome ! I'm going to start : I find Heliamphora exappendiculata (araopan tepui) really easy to grow ! Under my conditions it grows non stop ! Last july with the heat it didnt stop ... So really easy one for me.
  4. Rafle

    No roots !

    Hi guys ! I'm keeping you informed !
  5. Rafle

    No roots !

    No ! no bag ... i did it the first week only ... I hope this guy is going to keep being happy
  6. Rafle

    No roots !

    Hello ! Hamata is doing perfectly great !! here are two pictures Before/After
  7. Rafle

    No roots !

    Hello ! Let me give You some news about my nepenthes hamata. So it seems to grow well for the moment and it grows fast . I still have it inside a plastic bag during the day. I think i will put the plastic bag away in 1 or 2 weeks . I will continue to give some news !!
  8. Rafle

    No roots !

    Well i think all his hamata are the same (from BE in vitro) ... What am i supposed to do then ? Take back my money and buy somewhere else ( somewhere else which means Wistuba pretty much) and i saw on forums people with the same "no roots" problem on hamata from wistuba's order so ... Ok i was mad at him, he gave me an explaination. Now all i can do is : try to make it grow with really high humidity lvl and hopefully the plants will produce roots or i just send it back to seller ask for refund and try to find a descent hamata somewhere else with maybe the same problem again. I am kind of lost here but i feel like i have no choice. At least the hamata i have has a good size .
  9. Rafle

    No roots !

    ... As conclusion i decided to trust the seller and if anything goes wrong i will let him now and i think he will find a solution (since he is a serious seller rigth ). I think my hamata is growing :) i've noticed that one leaf is opening :) (i should make a timelaps to check that out) ...
  10. Rafle

    No roots !

    Well i got an answer today ... I agree that it is disapointed to get a plant without root. The seller explained that he got many nepenthes hamata some time ago and there were from Borneo Exotic. They were plants from In Vitro. He told me that once you take them away from the agar solid media the plant loses its roots ... which is normal, and it can grows during several years without roots. I think i can trust him because this guy has a good reputation in france (at least) and you saw a picture form the side of the plant but, if i take a picture from the top you will see that the plant has 10 leaves now which means it's not a "very very young" plant that just went out of In Vitro cultivation. Finally he told me to tell him if the plant doesnt grow or die... Maybe he was fake and pretended like he cared i dont know. So my heart is telling me to trust the guy, maybe i'm a naive person i don't know.
  11. Rafle

    No roots !

    @Vince81 i'm sure you know him because he owns a CPs forum called "falconeri"
  12. Rafle

    No roots !

    Well i'm not sure if i want to tell who is the seller now because i ordered several time on his website (few nepenthes) and i was really happy .. I can tell he is french seller and he has a website. If i cannot find any solution then i'll tell you his name. here is a link that shows the plant http://hpics.li/236b4c0
  13. Rafle

    No roots !

    No ... the plant was supposed to have roots ... I sent an email with a picture of the plant yesterday and i still dont have any answers :/ I really dont understand i feel kind of betrayed honnestly the plant was so expensive ... And the worst part is i got a young N.vogelii as a "gift" but this plant doesnt have roots either ...
  14. Rafle

    No roots !

    Hello ! I just received my new nepenthes hamata but the poor thing has no roots . I must say that i was very sad when i saw this because the plant comes from a supposed serious seller, so i really dont understand how he could send me a plant (very expensive) without any roots ! :'( I dont want it to die so could you give me some advices please ?
  15. Rafle

    Hello !

    Hello ! I'm from France :) I have cultivated carnivorous plants since 5years now ! I really love all kinds of carnivorous plant (ok i my favourite are Nepenthes and heliamphora ^^). I cultivate tillandsia as well. Anyway happy to be on this forum now ! High five ! Rafle|Alex.