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  1. At start, I was thinking Earl went in FRance in 1995 to buy some plants, how stupid I'm :!: ThibO
  2. Hi Earl, beautiful plant :!: What does it mean "FR1995"? Cheers, ThibO.
  3. Hi Maurizio, I find that: Sorry in french, maybe easy to understand for you Cheers. ThibO
  4. Great job, François :!: congratulations for your setup, especially your wallpaper's choice cheers, ThiB
  5. Hello all, Thanks for the compliments. Hi Earl, darlingtonia still survive here with many stolons and flowers every year; off course, at the early spring, birds are looking after sphagnum :x , this year I have remove many sphagnum because of invasive growth, not really good for sarracenia. Best regards. ThibO
  6. Hi Lukas it's not in my garden, my sons are not tall enough to help me at my work. ThibO
  7. Thanks Sockhy, I will make a special price for you including Lucie-Ly, Alice and Ulysse's nanny ThibO
  8. Hello all, here is my latest bog in a friend's garden: When I was finished this one, my friend said: "it's beautiful but not big enough, I would have another one bigger!" Then I added a bigger one and I had try to make a "wet's wall'' between them. ThibO
  9. Hello Rykardo, the first one is (for me): S. aff. x catesbaei and the second one: S. x paradisia, by the way two hybrids from dutch's nursery: carniflora thibO
  10. Hi Stevie, do you loose the plants from the auction 215 :?: ThibO
  11. Hi friends, Look at this Julio :arrow: ThibO
  12. Hi all, very nice Alexander very cue, she looks like P. lusitanica. Regards. ThibO
  13. Hi all, Martin1 you're right there is U.subulata, I'm very interested by the other who looks like U.livida, I'm sure it's not because this species come from Auyan tepuy/Venezuela. More pics: Regards. ThibO
  14. Hi, can you help me please with this poor picture :?: <a href=""><img ThibO