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  1. Thank you very much indeed, dimitar. Yes, your reply answer my question. To Cephalotus, I don't really know how long for the growing season need. So I didn't do any cool down. Maybe four months here the temp will below 20*C. Is that too short?? The only way I cool the temp down is avoid the sunlight. Thank you very much indeed, Cephalotus.
  2. Thank you very much indeed, dimitar. So you won't water until the next season start? By the way, may I ask you why you call it "bone"? Thank you very much indeed, Cephalotus. I use clay pots to plant them. Because the wheather here often hot (over 20C). I consider clay pot maybe is good for keeping the temp lower. Maybe I will try to use plastic plot next time. Is white plots with white sand cover the soil do will on cooling down the temp or because it is plastic it will still make the temp higher?
  3. I am sorry for asking this question again and again. I have already ask somebody for this question, but I still have problems. In my country, people here depart tuberous drosera in two kinds. One we call them "the wet type" another one we call them "the dry type". For the wet type we the pot in the shallow water. On the other hand, we water the dry type above the pot and we do not water it everyday. For keeping thery tuber, we will not give any single drop of water for the dry type tuber. And for the wet one, we will keep there media from drying out. So I want to ask, is anyone here will depart them in these two way?? Or you just treat them in a same way? If you also depart them in these way, what tuberous drosera is dry type and what is wet type? If not, how do you deal with them?
  4. Thank you Gaz~ I sure I will. Nice to meet you~
  5. Hi Manders~ Maybe you can pick a time and back to Taiwan sometime as a vacation. We can explore the countryside together~^^ Glad to meet you~
  6. Hi Neil~ Okay I'll post some photos of my tuberous drosera soon. Hi numpty~ Thank you for offering this information. I have heard that there has D. peltata in the wild of Taiwan long time ago. But for nknowing reason they just disappeared. It is really a pitty. I hope that it can be find again in the fulture.
  7. Hi guys My name is Shane. I come from Taiwan.(A small island near China) I am a beginner for CPs. I would like to learn more from you. I am recently working on a report about how to plant tuberous drosera in Taiwan. If anyone have some good methods to plant them well please don't be hesitate to tell me. It will be my pleasure to learn about. By the way, my English is not very well so if I say some thing wrong please tell me. If I say something offensive please forgive me.It is truely not I mean. Hope we can be friend someday. Shane