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  1. Most likely genetics. I don't have any Lowii hybrids or Spathulatas so it must something under these.
  2. Dennis

    N. Edwardsiana

    Purchase was made at 10:39AM Thai Time. If it is true, and not a mistake, I hope I don't mess this up like the Exotica Plants hybrid
  3. Dennis

    N. Edwardsiana

    Thank you. How would I ensure a healthy root system? By giving it a very well draining potting mix?
  4. Dennis

    N. Edwardsiana

    Not a personal contact. It was green or yellow this morning! Roughly 10am Thai time. It said, "available after our spring break." But now it says not available within the coming months. It could very well be a glitch and Wistuba might contact me later with a refund. Or he may have made a limited quantity available through his website without posting anything.
  5. Dennis

    N. Edwardsiana

    Wistuba has their Edwarsiana's offered again so I decided to purchase 1. I was wondering what conditions and potting mix they required and if you have any opinions of your own. Also, this is a general question regarding tiny nepenthes babies. How do they feed with such tiny pitchers? Would it be beneficial to try and put ants in that teeny tiny pitcher if i can? Would it be ok to cut the lid off after it pops open so i can easily feed it? Because some of my new plants are still pitcher-less and I've noticed they're growing very slow compared to those with pitchers and abundant food. As for care, I've gathered thus far: Prefers humidity at 60% to 80%, potting mix of Perlite - Sphagnum moss - bark, 21 to 29 celsius during the day. And about 16 degree Celsius during the night. These I can provide. I'm growing a Nepenthes Lowii, N. Burbidgeae, N. Vetichii, N. Robcantleyi amongst other normal species. So would I be correct to assume Edward could grow alongside these?
  6. Final Update: The leaf with which the growing tip was growing in, turned black from the tip and down to the growing tip itself. So the plant is dying from the centre. A black death. Kind of bummed out about it. But oh well. At least I got a free plant from Exotica Plants (by accident. So it replaces the lost one. It came attached to the Veitchii x Burbidgeae so I assume it must also be the same. A Veitchii x Burbidgeae Thank you for your help guys!
  7. I have 14 plants in total and all are thriving except for this particular plant. It could be the affects of the Spathulata in it? Because I have a Lowii and that's thriving too. And an Aristo hybrid as well. But no Spathulata in my collection. I'll do what you're suggesting and cut it back slightly, and bag it up. Will update the post in a week or 2. Thank you!
  8. It's been about 2 weeks since the leaves were cut in half. And the condition is rather stable. So hopefully the growing tip unfurls from the leaf it's encased in, and then I'll feel secure about it's survival.
  9. I ordered 3 plants from them and all arrived perfectly healthy. Just something went wrong to the lowii hybrid. Below are the 3 plants i ordered on the day it arrived from photos sent to me And this was 2 days later
  10. Thanks guys! No, the plant arrived fine according to my knowledge. My mother and sister aren't reliable when it comes to looking after my stuff (i.e they sucked out one of my goldfish's eyes while cleaning my tank once - i couldn't do it myself due to surgery), and as they say, if you want things done right you do it yourself. Seeing as I'll be home in 4 days I'll likely do it myself. And yes, Nepenthes takes a long time to accommodate to new conditions
  11. If this helps, I live in Bangkok, Thailand. Humidity is high, and temperatures during the day is roughly 29oc and at night about 23c I'm raising N. Lowii, N. Adrianii x Truncata, N. Boschiana (black), N. Robcantleyi, N. Miranda, N. Veitchii, N. Burbidgeae, N. Aristo x Maxima, N. Lady Pauline without any problems. So I think conditions should be ok for the one that's having trouble.
  12. Hi, I ordered some Nepenthes from Exotica Plants in Australia through a large order and then it was shipped to me by that person. And unfortunately it did not arrive while I was home, but a day after I left for vacation. And my sister was home along with my mother and so I told them to plant them in sphagnum moss and to water regularly which they did. Knowing them, they complained about having to do my plating for them, so I didn't want to make a hassle further by asking them to mix in perlite with the moss. And roughly 8 days on, the N. (Spathulata x Aristo) x Lowii leaves are looking very dry but my sister informed me the moss is moist. I only have these photos she sent me and I'm trying to see if she can send me more clear shots and the correct angles to see for new growth. Is this a result of humidity drop, shipping, or something else?