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  1. Beautiful pinguiculas rock! I'm very happy with the view.
  2. Aaaa new pictures! Beautiful Arnaud! Please more, more, more!
  3. Juhu! Next pictures :) Beautiful. I have to buy a lens macro :) Bravissimo:)
  4. Great cephalotus! My Drosera tomentosa var.glabrata {Serra do Caraca, MG, Brazil} is dead I like it nepenthes sibuyanensis
  5. Pretty dioneas! I like Dionaea muscipula 'Fused tooth' and Red Piranha! First time I see Schuppenstiel II and "Plumechon"! LOL
  6. Autumn is a very beautiful for plants. They have lots of colors.
  7. You have interesting sarracenias. I like those higher. You have very big collection! :)
  8. Beautiful photos! I like the first picture of the sundew. Rarely see heliamphor's blooming.
  9. I love to your macro. Beautiful photos. I'd like more Best Regards! Lukash
  10. Beautiful plants! Especially D.roraimae from Serra do Araca! Has intense color. Best regards! Lukash
  11. Ahh great photos! I love it yours macro! Beautiful flowers! Great nod in your direction. Best regards! Lukash
  12. Beautiful photos! Perfectly macro! Best regards! Lukash
  13. Hi there! My name is Luke, come from Polish and carnivorous plants interested in more than two years. In his collection have mainly droseras. I like their droplet structure. In addition to the carnivorous plants also care about the other house plants and garden. I love the biathlon, volleyball, geography, astronomy. In my spare time I run and take photographs. From time to time I read the book. Yours! I'm sorry but my English is poor and I'm still learning.
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