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  1. Treating that way won't get rid of root mealy bug you will need to treat all your plants including what you have in the garden otherwise you risks them coming back . International shipping is the best and only option to solve this problem for you .
  2. You are far better off buying black scratch on labels they last a lot longer than the other rubbish you buy .
  3. Pesticides don't kill mites so you have wasted your money there . If it's mites you need a miteicide .
  4. Try carnivorousplantsnet I think thy sell alpine seeds and have sold plants in the past . Don't buy from czplants as seed is dead .
  5. What's disgusting about this matter is this seller as done this many times before and gets away with it . On top of this that seller is a sponsor of this forum and the moderators know about all this and done nothing to protect future buyers on this forum .
  6. When i did my research many years ago on vine weevils it's the eggs that are the main problem they can take many years to hatch so doing something for a couple of years you are taking a big risk of getting rid . Using provedo or other chemical then changing over onto nematodes you run a risk of chemicals still being it the soil etc and killing the nematodes .
  7. Try Matthew Soper he did go there many years ago in the autumn
  8. You will need to wait about 30 days before that will appear for you .
  9. Littleshopofhorrors have sold them in large numbers in the past odd now and then ? .
  10. The trick is to get rid of the wax coating first then use a insecticide of your choice . Insecticides won't get rid of them by themselves .
  11. I use 4 litre rose pots which are deeper than full size pots and they never get dry at the top .
  12. I got one last week from that ebay seller . I opened it up and it looks quite dark which means it could be sledge peati wasn't pleased with the colour of it . Their is a seller selling bentleys peat that maybe ok as they use to sell quality products years ago a couple of quid more .