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  1. Hi this is my HL chamber with Celdek and Evaporative cooling system HL_Chamber por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr And this works very well to me
  2. Hi Shoggoths Well in my Ping wall usually have two sections the lower where the water tend to flow is more wet like the upper seccion where is more dry (this is the same as Fernando's Ping wall), for the plants who need more dry side I put this in the upper secction like P.rotundiflora, P.esseriana, P.agnata, but in the lower section I put more wet plants like P.primuliflora, P.emarginata and some utric sandersonii, when you need to give a rest period to your Pings only you need to water less the entire wall, but at least for know the wall became very dry very quickly about eve
  3. Hi All Thanks you so much for your nice comments, is a pleassure. No mobile this photos were taken with macro lens only, I didn't use photo stacking in this, Thanks Hi Rodrigo thank so much, and whenever you want I can teach you how to take macro photos, Obrigado Rodrigo. Again thanks so much to all of you like the photos. Best Regards RR
  4. Hi All Hopefully you like it, some of my plants in macro Drosera prolifera Drosera prolifera por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr Pigmy Drosera Green_SalvadorG-4 por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr Drosera falconeri D. falconeri white flower por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr Utricularia dichotoma U.dichotoma with springtail por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr another view Utricularia dichotoma por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr Nepenthes x mixta flowers Male Nepenthes flower por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr Crab spider in Nepenthes bicalcarata Crab Spider por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr Utricularia b
  5. Utricularia blanchetii Flower Utricularia blanchetii por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr Gracias
  6. This a beautiful plant but grows like insane, this plant looks like a tridacna shell =)
  7. Hello all I saw a topic of growing plants with this technique, Kokedama is a Japanese moss ball or hanging ball, And I thought that this technique would work for Pinguiculas. Like this and this So this is the process for making the Ball Start with some plastic netting who containing veggies like this _DSC2556.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr Closing one side of ther grid _DSC2715.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr Then Prepare the soil for Pinguicula _DSC2716.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr An
  8. lovely plants Congrats.
  9. by the way Rodrigo, Here where I live in El Salvador I can't find pure peat moss, so I use peat with fertilizer ingredient, and my pings really like it, you can use it.
  10. Hi Rodrigo I use 1 part of each with particles smaller than 5 mm -Pumice rock -Lava rock -Perlite -Peat moss -Silica Sand -small amount of Clay or mud If you have it you can use Vemiculite and for the gypsum species you can use some dolomite. I read in my FB group some use a bit of iron oxide Best Regards
  11. Hi Fernando I believe also as says Aymeric, The plants needs more sunlight, I grow this plants with lots of light even in my Ping Wall Ruben Resendiz.
  12. thanks so much Aymeric, I hope to evolve well. thank so much Fernando, inspiring your Ping-Wall to create another one hehe, I only use steel mesh in one side, cause I dont want to have oxide in the plants, but I use the fishing line in both sides, with using the Steel mesh I can built the entire wall in about 4 hrs. Rodrigo thanks so much for your kind word, hopefully this project grow very well with so many Pinguiculas =).
  13. update (30 - May) These are updated photos and progress of some of them , Pingwall1 por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr Pingwall7 por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr Pingwall3 por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr and some leaves start to produce offshoots Pingwall4 por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr Pingwall5 por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr I hope in a few months to have a nice Pinguiculas collection there.
  14. Hi to all I decided to make a Ping-Wall in mini version, from the two originals Fernando Rivadavia and California Carnivores, Cause I don't have so much space in my graden and I don't have a greenhouse I decide to make small, This was done on May 10 I use the same standard eggcrate light diffuser, with 24 in x 48 in but I divided in three equal parts so I have a Wall with 24 in X 16 in, and I join these three parts with Locking Plastic Strip. _DSC1970.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr You can see that I put a pipe to irrigate the panel from above if necessary, set holes every 1 i
  15. Fer, hopefully soon we can have something like that, imagine being able to do that in field, and put that information in herbaria and in scientific papers =), that would be wonderful. Abrasos RR