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  1. Thank you Ordovic ... it was very cheap and maybe that is the reason why it was what it is. It was just a little packet of seeds. I will be on the look out at the garden centres.
  2. Thank you Richard .. I would be happy to support the forum and buy from a member and if I need to wait for a bit, that is ok. Mantrid .. Yes, I got it from Skegness area. It was labeled a VFT. I took another couple of pictures. It shows what I was hoping was the beginnings of a trap development
  3. Oh no, not a VFT. Argh .. Ok back to basics. Can anyone suggest a good source of healthy plants? Don't mind going from seeds but I do know enough the bedding is not your standard compost
  4. Ah, so no facility on the forum itself. No pblm. Thanks for the link. Here it is ...[/url] I had to cut and paste as the site doesn't seem ipad friendly .. Looks like the pic came through. Can increase resolution if necessary. Do you see the dark leaf tips?
  5. I can't see how to post a picture. I am sure it's easy but just don't see it ..
  6. All .. I am a newbie and posted such on the Intro section. Quickly, I picked up a little kit for a VFT at a local shop at Skegness. It came with a little pot, "soil" and little seed packette. Shockingly 2 seeds have actually produced a plant. One is significantly larger than the other. I am trying to educate myself on trying to keep these alive. The pot is very small. There is a darkening of the tips of some of the leaves on the bigger one. Any ideas? I was trying to read up on basic care and am unsure of even basic things on when it is the growing vs dormant time. Any info would be
  7. MessyEric


    Eric here .. new to this forum. I picked up a little "kit" for a Venus Fly Trap at Skegness. I realise that is nearly pathetic. HOWEVER, it has got me interested in this whole world. I am going to post some things and gonna depend on the experts here to help me out ...