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  1. Hello! I have say that I had 6 plants coming from this seedling. After several months of observations, I chose two plants. First i present you my cultivar "TwistedTeeth". I dont present you my second cultivars today Good viewing! Lucas
  2. Hello guys I present you my first seedling 2014 werewolf x trichertfalle. I have 6 plants with caracteristics , I just present you 2 which are really interesting. Others are in observation this summer still to see if they develop different characteristics WXT 1 : WXT 2
  3. Hey What are your conditions of culture?
  4. Hi All! I present you my dionaea "Werewolf" which bloomed this year. She presents a strong tint , little set up traps, with a presence of a weak, but present red line outside of a trap Here are photos and one videos of a trap which is reactive. Some trap present a very strong ability to react (as a normal dionaea) but the others weaker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTe3aZDQwdM Today: The red line: Lucas
  5. loulou0797


    Ok, good man ;) Thanks you!
  6. I love nepenthes , just i don't have good conditions of culture :'( it's really beautiful nep flava, glabata,lowwi x ventricosa... Good job man ;)
  7. http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/Species/v30n4p104_106.html If I remember well it is an annual plant of the tropical conditions suits him A nice link, I hope not to have said stupid things Good luck with your drosera Lucas
  8. loulou0797


    Hey ! :) It's beautiful droseras!!! 1 question, What is their minimal temperatures winters for Drosera x [anglica "CA x HI" x "Lantau Island"]? i thinks it's beautiful drosera, you can create a name ;) Thanks , Lucas