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  1. Ah awesome cheers. Thanks for telling me tips :)! I must get them out of this tank i was gonna set up then!
  2. That ebay soil, outside. Okay i got'cha. thanks mate :)
  3. Oh wow i didnt think i should grow them outside! i see alot of terrariums on youtube and stuff and thought i could try it. But if outside is better then ill go for that! just in normal soil they will be ok? thanks for answering!
  4. Hey guys! so im new here and I want to make a terrarium and i have these plants: What kind of soil is best for these to keep them going good? I see this soil in the suggestions: I can see the sundews etc planted in that in the description. Do you reckon that's best? I just want to know from some experts ;-) I would like the plants to thrive in the tank Thanks! I'm still learning alot! so sorry for my ignorance in the subject
  5. I hope so, thanks ian! Ok will do :) thanks for the advice! Cheers buddy! i hope to have a good and sustainable terrarium at the end
  6. Thanks! Awesome i cant wait, i gotta keep these alive first and make a nice terrarium. Im abit worried encase i screw up but im giving it my best shot!

    My plants

    Just my plants so far, nothing good really
  8. Hello everybody! Thank you for accepting me admin :-) I am starting to grow some carnivorous plants in a terrarium which i need to setup and i need some help along the way so hopefully i can ask you guys