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  1. amnda

    staying outside?

    Hi Ian sorry for delay in replying computer went wrong I am from Suffolk. I will need to pot on some of my cobras next year as they have spread to the edges of their pots i will invest in some wider shallower pots Been very wet here so having to drain off excess water nearly every day though the plants don't seem to mind.
  2. amnda

    staying outside?

    Hi ian i reckon it could be vine weevil as i suffer badly with them. i will check a weak one Where do you get your moss from?
  3. amnda

    staying outside?

    Thanks ian i have never had a problem also it was mainly down to not really knowing and just leaving them to their own devises over winter My cobra ones are a bit challenging as some have thrived and others have gone brown and died i grow them in irish moss peat and perlite Should i change the growing medium to live sphagnum moss as i had read on the cobra section that they seem to do better in it ?
  4. amnda

    staying outside?

    Hi Thanks guys I wont change things then.
  5. Hi every one I have been reading the dormancy section and am now concerned that i have not been doing things right as i have been leaving all of my sarracenias outside over winter as well as my venus fly traps i have even left them in trays of water! I dont seem to have had any problems though i have may be lost one or two of the sarracenias that were small they stay by my hedge in full sun all winter i have been doing this for the last 4 years oops.
  6. amnda


    Hi everyone what is the ideal growing conditions for A.sikokianum. i have tried in the past but they just seem to fade away and don't come up again. i have a mix of extreme well drained soil and bands of very heavy clay
  7. Hi every one new to this forum I am a lover of Aroids though no expert so am seeking more information on how to grow these fascinating plants.