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  1. Hi anyone keep praying mantises post pictures of them here!!! I keep praying mantises I think we have about 400
  2. Hi dionea of death. Welcome I'm new to
  3. i I will have Heliamphora please.
  4. I have a budget of around £15 (including postage etc.) if you or anyone you know has one to sell please tell me. Thank you again
  5. I have looked around and decided i would like a Heliamphora heterodoxa. Are these easy to keep?
  6. Hi all, I need an easy to keep pitcher plant. That can go on a south-west facing window; any suggestions? I am new to the hobby and would like to start a bigger collection.
  7. Hi my name is matthew Do you know anyone who can get me a pitcher plant?
  8. Hello everyone. I'm from Essex I'm 11 and I am looking for a pitcher plant.
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