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  1. I live a couple of miles from one of the windiest place in Britian,High Bradfield,check it out for wind speeds.

    My greenhouse is fine. You have to expect wind so you make sure everything is bolted down.


    Sadly it seems the younger generation is a throw away generation,that greenhouse is easily repairable with a little time and effort.

    Just because it was free,it doesn't mean its not as good for growing plants in.


    Show a bit of interest in repairing it and it could repay you in the long run.Think about it!



    I might repair it, but with glass instead of cheap, weak acrylic

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  2. that looks like a gardman 8by6 polycarbonate gh to me, and I speak from experience now so please don't assume im being derogative,

    tear the entire thing down and get a second hand aluminium and glass gh from trade it/gumtree etc, they average about £50 if collected and are far better (even 25 year old Robinsons) than a brand new out of the box gardman greenhouse.

    in fact I know a guy who sells complete ghs 8 by 6 alu glass assembled in your garden for £150 all in, which is slightly cheaper than the £160 gardman sell the replacement glazing packs for.

    if you hunt around you can find some real bargains on used greenhouses, I picked up a 10 by 6 toughened elite gh complete with benches louvres and auto vents for £250 a few weeks back, although its being stored for when I move its still around 1k plus to buy new.

    and the cps webpage has a job lot of greenhouses 3 in total for sale in the uk £150 each if memory serves me right.

    hope that helps in some way


    Just been re-reading this post with renewed interest. I had been planning a bog garden for the spring, but given the winds we are currently having, I'm wondering how well it would survive. I'm wondering if I would be better off with a greenhouse, where the plants would be more protected. My mother even offered to help out with the cost! I think she sees a spark of my father ob"m in me! He loved his greenhouse!


    I'm interested to know where you saw those cheap greenhouses. I couldn't find any for sale section on (what I think is) the cps site. Do you have a link?


    Also, if I were to buy a 2nd hand greenhouse from (say) eBay or a local paper, any tips as to what to look for?


    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    They weren't greenhouses they were greenhouse fan heaters.

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  3. Welcome!

    (by the way your website is great!)

    that's really kind :-p thanks :-D your avatar pic looks proper smart and I wouldn't be giving up on that green house for sure :-) if you struggle for the glass you could perhaps try some 2mm Perspex :-D should ride the stormy weather :-) Really glad you like my site, took me an age to design and code :-p youre welcome to check my bits on y.t. as well :-) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCph4ZBdTGilAJAASvnFgXhQ%C2'> case anything is handy on there for ya :-D


    Will keep an eye to see how your older green house is going :-) Im just about to kinda make a Perspex greenhouse out the back to :-D

    I will check out your YouTube.

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  4. Does for me. Just tried it again now, and the forum is #5 for "cpuk"


    Bear in mind that Google play around with the results, especially when testing new features, so you aren't guaranteed to see the same results as others. Plus, if you are logged in, they will take your previous browsing history into account when suggesting results (helps show things that are more likely to be what you want). Also, regional variation can make a difference, although I don't know if that would be a factor ehre as you're also in the UK.


    There are of course about a million other factors to take into account, but I think these are the main ones.


    Hope that helps.

    It's come back. It'd disappeared for a while! but now it's back.

  5. What might be a useful tactic is to see if you can get all your Christmas present money combined from aunts, uncles, parents etc, and go for a fan heater. This not only sees off the frost but gives you that essential blow through that Blocky71 was mentioning. My fan heater has just come back from being repaired and even in that short gap of 2 weeks botytris got has got onto a baby Pinguicula hemiepiphytica. Thankfully back up to full gale now. Does make it easier if you have power hooked into your greenhouse though, or it is close enough to the house to run from there. Do make sure it is all waterproofed though! Fan heaters last for years, and can be repaired, and should see you well into your teenage years. David

    I'll do that, where can I buy one?

  6. Disaster! My greenhouse has been flattened by the recent storm. f5cadf2f49d5d63e63c7480d6ae72d3f.jpg It's even moved a foot! 213bfeba267a5dae01946c30a0fcbf3b.jpg7d8f9dcf23e144bef26586b0d33f8458.jpgf8cb61a97f2bcb8268db4a07330079eb.jpg

    This one could barely stand being touched let alone being in a 45mph wind!

    Luckily my stronger greenhouse, used in the summer for tomatoes, has survived and they have been temporally stored there. But the other greenhouse may be beyond repair I suppose the stronger greenhouse will be their new home.

  7. You're well on your way there shoultsy and very lucky to have the greenhouse at such a young age!.

    I got my first flytrap at around your age and had to grow it on my bedroom windowsill.

    There was no internet back then (30 odd years ago) and no one to tell me that my tap water wasn't suitable or that it needed a winter dormancy, so as you can imagine, it died, along with the next and the next etc etc.

    I eventually gave up, thinking the plants were just to difficult and needy. As I eventually learned, this is not the case. I guess what I'm trying to say is you are in a very fortunate position with all that ideal room and a world of knowledge at your fingertips. I'm really chuffed for you!.

    As for the guttering feeding into your water trays, personally I wouldn't for several reasons.....

    If your tray is deep it could swamp the plants for too long, you want them sitting in a couple of inches of water in the summer but not up to the rim of the pot.

    Any excess water will over flow and be lost, much better to run your guttering into a barrel / water butt.

    In the winter the plants need to remain damp but not sitting in water, you will have no control over this if you lead your guttering rain directly to plant trays.

    The only time I would consider setting up like you say would be if I was going on holiday and had no one to care for my plants, there's no guarantee that it will rain though obviously !.

    Nice set up anyway lad, your plants do indeed look very happy.

    Cheers chris

    Yes I am very lucky, the only reason I have this greenhouse is because I managed to persuade my dad to let me keep it for carnivorous plants when he tried to throw it out. In a bit I'll be buying some more plants for it. And the reason I got into carnivorous plants about a year ago was because I was facinated by the carnivorous plants book by Adrian Slack, so I read the book then we bought a tiny little flytrap from B&Q. And that died only about a week ago of a heavy mealy bug infestation.

  8. I have an idea. On the side of my greenhouse is a slightly sloped gutter would it be possible to attach a pipe to the end and have it run into my plants drip tray. I am thinking of getting a very big tray to go under them, then the water could come in from both gutters and fill up the water tray. Is this a good thing to do, and how much will it cost?

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