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Status Updates posted by Shoultsy11

  1. Yay finally i have moved my plants to the new greenhouse, look out Sales and wants ;-)

  2. Yay I've got a new profile picture

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    2. Shoultsy11


      Yes it's a peacock mantis. Very nasty thing it attacks everything including me

    3. Shoultsy11


      Now it's a mantis on 2 uncurling fern fronds. It looks like a bike

    4. Nepenthes Lowii

      Nepenthes Lowii

      lol.. he must be fun!

      My snake likes to bite me too... :-(

  3. Why is my drosera binata sagging.

    1. Nepenthes Lowii

      Nepenthes Lowii

      Wind, to many bugs, to much or too little water, to hot or cold

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