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  1. Hi Tropic Breeze, I'm interested in trying it for some of the pygmy species, especially the likes of D. barbigera which I've never had a great deal of success with. Regards Nigel
  2. Of course, Akadama is clay based. I've a bonsai friend who uses it all the time - doh!!! Nigel
  3. Hi Mark, I called these guys yesterday and they say they no longer produce it! If you hear of another source, do shout! Thanks Nigel
  4. Hi All, Has anyone in the UK managed to source laterite? I found some online, only to find it's been discontinued. Nigel HC
  5. The top 3 have a leaf shape similar to U. geminiloba. Regards Nigel H-C
  6. Perhaps this thread should now be closed? Nigel H-C
  7. I cut them back for convenience sake as it takes around six weeks to do. It also removes any dead growth in the nursery and means I only need to do the job once. With around 8000 sarrys in the greenhouse i need to run a tight ship. It doesn't affect the plants negatively. Nigel
  8. My rule of thumb that I tell people is Halloween to Valentine's Day somewhere cold. As for chopping back, I start on the 1st November and take every upright Sarracenia down to about two inches. Nigel
  9. Oh Christ, starting to wish I hadn't asked...
  10. ...the September CPN in the UK yet? Nigel H-C
  11. Peat and sand for all of them for me. Just make sure it's lime free, and don't always rely on what's said on the packaging! Nigel HC
  12. Hi Terry, It's a case of keeping one eye on the weather. I switched off the watering in the nursery a few days back, and the beds will gradually dry out. Over winter, just keep an eye on the plants, watering a little here and there where needed. If you still have warm and sunny days, I'd be inclined to keep watering for a little longer, but certainly here in Glastonbury the winter's knocking at the door. Regards Nigel HC
  13. Why can't I see the images? Both on the pc and the iPhone. Nigel H-C
  14. Slack 1986, Insect Eating Plants & How to grow them. From memory, impressive huh? Hope that helps Nigel H-C
  15. Hi Martin, Not sure what you have there, but it's not carnivorous. Those aren't fly trap seeds, they're the same colour but more pear shaped. Kind regards, and don't be put off! Nigel H-C
  16. Looks like the ones he had, it was only 2-3 months back, but hey, I don't have any kind of rights on them and if the guy can make a few quid out of plants he doesn't want to keep, then who am I to complain?! He bought them from me and possession therefore passed to him, so he can do as he chooses. Yours, not being a diva, Nigel HC
  17. This chap did buy one of each from me earlier in the year, though the Adrian doesn't look like the real McCoy. The other two look right, though the Leah looks like it's been kept shaded. Nigel HC
  18. Hi All, Just back briefly after the usual maelstrom that is Chelsea; returned yesterday and off to the Bath and West this morning, though that thankfully is only ten minutes from home! I can't see mention on the forum of this year's Chelsea, so thought I'd just say that both myself and Matt were awarded gold again this year, flying the flag for the CP cause. If anyone is at the Bath and West or indeed at Cornwall or BBC Gardeners World the following week, do come and say hello. Nigel H-C
  19. Hi RR, An inch of washed pea gravel on the top will certainly help. Nigel H-C
  20. Having been a member of both for more years than I care to remember (over 30 for the CPS), I'd recommend joining both. Unfortunately, these days I don't get he time to attend open days like I once did, and every spare moment is dominated by the kid's social calendar, but it's far better to meet people and chat to them in person than in front of the computer! You have the seed bank as well with the CPS. Nigel HC
  21. Looking forward to this one. I've not been able to get to a CPS meeting for years, so it will be good to catch up with folks, and also to put a few faces to names. Nigel HC
  22. It's out at last! Was published a couple of weeks back and I was planning to shout about it, but BT left the entire village without phone and broadband for over two weeks! Anyway, I have 100 copies which will be signed and numbered, via the website, or PM. If you choose PM, please message me and let me know your address, with contact number and any instructions like leave on doorstep/throw through window, etc, and the paypal address is [email protected] You can email me on this address as well. I'm really pleased with the way that Timber Press have put it together, and they included a very special short message which I was honoured to receive whilst the book was being produced. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks in advance. Nigel HC
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