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  1. Ordered dc-xl and maroon monster from Nick. Packaging good and plants look very good exactly . Delivery very quick . Thumbs up. 

  2. Is there any difference in success if the pullings sink to the bottom vs those that stay floating on the surface ? All my pullings stay floating,even after vigorous shaking and i fear they will go moldy...
  3. Heliamphora,because they can survive in such extreme conditions
  4. In the past a made a few attempts with Nepenthes Alata,witch is one of the easyest,it wil grow new leaves butt they will never pitcher due to lack of humidity.when i putt them in a terrarium the next week i had 3 pitchers so it was clearly a humidity problem. my humidity inside is a constant 55%
  5. Big white pots helps to keep the roots and soil cool,also a thin layer of silica sand on top of the dark peat reflects most of the sunlight so the soil stays cooler. When its hot it's best to let the pot stand in a few cm of water Outside is the best place for your plants,summer and winter.
  6. Well i peeled them of the flower stalk and they are indeed making air roots.potted them up and hope for the best,i also planted the flowerstems. It seems false vivipary are a trait of 'cluster traps' since every plant i have did this mutation when flowering.
  7. My flower stalks seem to be growing new plants,should i cut and plant or just let them grow ?
  8. nick

    No roots !

    It's unacceptable for a seller to assume it's okay to send a cutting if you paid for a established plant. You should demand a replacement !
  9. nick

    No roots !

    I would put the base in moist sphagnum moss and keep the plant in very high humidity or in a sealed plastic bag,also in a bright spot but no direct sunlight. It should grow roots in a month or two
  10. Wow nice collection,what is your preferred soil mix ?
  11. I made an order for a few vft's,very happy with the plants,decent size and very healthy. The package came from somewhere in France cant remember where exactly... Answers on email can take a few days tho
  12. Long leaves and very small traps indicate the plant needs more direct light,flytraps need a minimum of 4 hours of sun shining directly on the plant. This time of year flytraps are in their winter rest so it will grow very slowly,if the new growth is shorter and has bigger traps you know it receives enough light. Typically they need 2 weeks to recover from the re potting,then it should start to push out new growth .
  13. Thank you all,it is indeed Paepalanthus tortilis.
  14. I have had this plant for a little more than a year,it came as a seed in an order of a few dionaea from Araflora and sprouted a few weeks later,it grew very well in full sun with my flytraps. This week i noticed it suffered from the cold in the greenhouse so it is inside the house now in its own pot.
  15. Hi, I'm Nick, I've only discovered the world of carnivorous plants a little more than a year ago,got a typical dionaea from my youngest brother as a gift and did al the most stupid mistakes one can do,tap water,soil and sand from my garden to repot and no direct light...a month later it was just a dying rhizome. I felt sorry for the little guy,went online and educated myself and got myself a bag of peat. Amazingly after a few weeks or so,new life appeared from the rhizome so i was hooked ! Now i have more than 100 flytraps,some heliamphora's,drosera, and since last summer even a small greenhouse to protect them all from the cold winters. Oh and that poor little flytrap ? She has grown to be the biggest flytrap i have in my collection,with traps as big as my biggest B52 !