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  1. Cool. Looking good. I've had quite a bit of trouble with fungus, mold, and algea. Quite a few of my albomarginata's have miniature pitchers on their leaves already. I'll see if I can get some pictures up, too.
  2. Yeah, good pictures of plants is hard to do anyway. Start looking at doing good pictures of just germinated seedlings and it gets a whole lot harder. But I'm interested in the progression of Nepenthes seedlings. Haven't really been able to find any pictures of a progression from seed to plant(let). Would be interesting to see.
  3. Pictures! Great to read you've been succesful sprouting a lot of Nep seeds. Beware, though, the hard part is still to come. At least, that has been my limited experience. After sprouting a ton of N. albomarginata seeds for the first time last year I've had a bit of trouble keeping them alive. I think I kept 'm too wet and killed off a bunch. I still have maybe about 40 left, but I can only say that about 5 of them look really healthy and are doing good. The rest, meh. But I'd really like to see some pictures. And saying that, maybe I should try to put up some of my own on a thread here...
  4. I actually had quite a lot of seeds sprout on me earlier in the year. If the seller was correct I've got quite a large batch of albomarginata now. However, I'm a bit unsure on how to proceed. Some sprouts actually died on me already. They turned brown and died. I think I might have had it too wet, if that's possible? I decided that since there were a lot of sprouts to chance it and transplant a couple to their own pots (and some sharing but spread out in the four corners of 1 pot). I seem to not have killed them (yet), but I was wondering about the care of Nepenthes seedlings from sprouting to adolescence. Any must do or don'ts to help a newbie out?
  5. Interesting. This led me to this page, by the way: Also pretty interesting. Although, maybe already known hereabouts?