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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, i'll do a bit of research into each one. Is there any general rule that highland species grow better on windowsills than lowland species, or vice versa?
  2. Here's my N. x hookeriana that I picked up several months ago, purchased from my local garden centre. This was my first pitcher plant, and it appears to be doing very - growing quickly and throwing out plenty of both large and small pitchers in the last couple of months. Both of my Nepenthes (also have N.ventricosa) are growing on windowsills, and i'm wondering what other species tend to grow well in this sort of environment (i'm UK-based if that makes any difference). Thanks, Tom
  3. I'm looking for an ID for this highland Nepenthes we came across during a recent photograpy trip to Peninsular Malaysia. Looks to be N.sanguinea, but i'd like confirmation from those who know more than I. Unfortunately, I have no more pictures of Nepenthes from this trip, but incase anyone is interested (and I hope its ok to post here), here are some animals that share this beautiful plants habitat (and the reason for our photographic expedition). Malaysia blue coral snake, Calliophis bivirgata flaviceps Vertabral slug snake, Asthenodipsas vertebralis Siamese peninsular pit viper, Trimeresurus fucatus Striped coral snake, Calliophis intestinalis Impressed tortoise, Manouria impressa Thanks in advance for the Nepenthes ID! Tom
  4. Hi all, I've been lurking for a few months now and thought best to make an account. My main interest in CP's is Nepenthes, and i'm currently keeping N. x hookeriana and N.ventricosa. I spend a lot of time over in SE Asia, particularly around southern Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo, where I photograph reptiles, particularly snakes. We come across a lot of pitchers over there, especially around Kinabalu national park on Borneo, and Bukit Fraser in Peninsular Malaysia - unfortunately, I have photographed very few of them! I'm going to have very little to add to the forum, but will enjoy searching through forum posts and learning from everyones experiences. I will also begin photographing more plants on my future trips, and will post up for ID's when I can. Thanks, Tom