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    Sundews, Invertebrates particularly mantids, Ecology, Gaming and an avid reader of Science Fiction.
  1. Hi, I apologise in advance if this is already answered/considered a Noob question but: What time of year does D. capensis flower? I had read that the flowering season is between late July and early August. I have 4 mature plants at the moment but none of them seem to be making any effort to flower. Any light shed on this matter would be gratefully received! thanks, Chad
  2. Chad


    Ian, I don't have any experience buying plants from eBay but had been told by others that there are a lot of unscrupulous sellers who will offer a plant under a different/wrong name for more money etc which is why I have been avoiding it up to now. I'd be interested in the names of some sellers anybody here has used :) What kind of seeds do you have? Also what is the general rule for buying/selling/swapping seeds and plants? UKMF has a classifieds forum but I haven't seen one here. thanks, Chad
  3. Chad


    At the moment I just have D. capensis and I'm trying to grow Dionaea from seed but I'd like to get hold of D. rotundifolia or D. binata. Sourcing plants is a problem though, since I'm not keen on buying from eBay.
  4. Chad


    Hello! My name is Chad and I've recently started getting in to Carnivorous Plants! :) I'm particularly interested in collecting sundews and hope to learn a thing or two from you guys on the forum. I'm not sure how much overlap there is but some you might recognise me from UK Mantis Forums where I occassionally post and often lurk. So I'm going to keep this short and get started lurking in the forums here Chad