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    own business windows locksmith need to retire !!!

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  1. looking for help for my son at uni , if you have 5 min of time to spare please can you fill his survey for his degree thanks a lot
  2. thanks for replies it was hampshire nursey was the place thanks i had so much going on last year its one of them things you live and learn building new conservatory (heated) now this will be their new home lol
  3. hi , ive had to keep all my plants in a double glazed greenhouse inside a insulated glass framework structure ive built , BUT no heater !! 6 nepentes all gone black and brown no growing tip im going to replace then asap i bought them from a link on this site but i cannot find it can anyone forward a good supplier of neps it wont happen again ,currently installing heating system thanks for any replies
  4. any feedback ?? scared to buy from here ? needs reporting or deleting imho
  5. you could pop me some round !!!! lol
  6. hi all saracenias about 8 wrapped in clingfilm wet and paper need to order some rapid !!
  7. hi i ordered some plants last week . all came today some are potted and some are bare roots wrapped in damp newspaper . i have no soil to plant the bare rooted plants !! cannot get it till weekend i hope . whats the best thing i can do ?? thanks paul
  8. Hi all , just joined here ,a member off ebay pointed me to this site all looks great been buying cp for years with little success , i will be looking for loads of advice , so be warned !!!! anyone in the birmingham area at the moment i have 3 nepenthes gorging on flying ants . ordered loads more off the links off here cheers paul