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  1. They are on glazed balcony. In the winter they have heater that prevents temperature drop at the night below 15C, during the day due the light it is above 20c. In summer the terrarium is full open so the temperatures swing from max 35C during the day to 20C at the night.
  2. It was not. I can send you some pollen. Wistuba has males.
  3. I have two male and two female campanulatas in bloom now!
  4. Finally a male campanulata in bloom. It is a AW clone! Any girls around?
  5. I have another female campanulata in flower! Miss from June was pollinated by ephippiata pollen. Anyone have male campanulata plant, I would like to buy male for my ladies!
  6. Female campanulata in flower again! Looking for male!
  7. I had 2 female plants flowering in august 2018. If you find any male campanulata, please let me know.
  8. My N. campanulata is flowering. It is BE clone from Carnivoria.eu. I can not tell its sex jet. Looking fora a partner, ideally another campanulata! BR
  9. Hi,

    I have Drosophillum seeds, my own, harvested this summer. I can give you 15 seeds for 5E.

    And I have only two seeds left from Roridula gorgonias. I can give you them for 1.5E. Seeds are bought 1 month ago on this forum and they are harvested 2016. I sow 5 of them 2-3 weeks ago and one seed started to grow 2 days ago.

    Shipping cost are 5E.

    BR, Borut

  10. tsunami-ri

    My collection

    N. argentii, N. campanulata, N. veitchii, H. minor, C. follicularis
  11. Stapelia has started to flower. The smell attracts flies. You can guess who is taking all benefits.
  12. Veitchii is my favorite nepenthes!
  13. What are your growing conditions?
  14. Well, campanulatas grow in open top hexagonal aquarium, they are sprayed at night and humidifer runs above them for 1 hour. So humidity newer drops below 50% during day and it is around 100% at night. These are not exactly windowsill conditions. And the light is supplemented all year round for 12h because is NW window. Thats why I dont grow vining species. I will post pictures of whole setup next weekend.