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  1. tsunami-ri

    Need N. campanulata pollen

    I had 2 female plants flowering in august 2018. If you find any male campanulata, please let me know.
  2. tsunami-ri

    Flowering Nepenthes campanulata

    My N. campanulata is flowering. It is BE clone from Carnivoria.eu. I can not tell its sex jet. Looking fora a partner, ideally another campanulata! BR
  3. Hi,

    I have Drosophillum seeds, my own, harvested this summer. I can give you 15 seeds for 5E.

    And I have only two seeds left from Roridula gorgonias. I can give you them for 1.5E. Seeds are bought 1 month ago on this forum and they are harvested 2016. I sow 5 of them 2-3 weeks ago and one seed started to grow 2 days ago.

    Shipping cost are 5E.

    BR, Borut

  4. tsunami-ri

    My collection

    N. argentii, N. campanulata, N. veitchii, H. minor, C. follicularis
  5. tsunami-ri

    My windowsill collection

    Stapelia has started to flower. The smell attracts flies. You can guess who is taking all benefits.
  6. tsunami-ri

    Least interesting veitcheii

    Veitchii is my favorite nepenthes!
  7. tsunami-ri

    To climb or not to climb...

    What are your growing conditions?
  8. tsunami-ri

    My windowsill collection

    Well, campanulatas grow in open top hexagonal aquarium, they are sprayed at night and humidifer runs above them for 1 hour. So humidity newer drops below 50% during day and it is around 100% at night. These are not exactly windowsill conditions. And the light is supplemented all year round for 12h because is NW window. Thats why I dont grow vining species. I will post pictures of whole setup next weekend.
  9. This is my collection. I have been growing N. veitchii, argentii and smaller two campanulatas for 1 year, C. follicularis Hummers giant for 6 months and H. minor and 2 bigger campanulatas are added recently. They grow on windowsill that has 2h of direct sun in the afternoon and I supplement light with LEDs. Veitchii and campanulatas grow in open top small hexagonal aquariums. In the evening I spray them and run humidifier for 1 hour.