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    More into the sundews. I have one Cape sundew, and two pygmy sundews. Looking to expand my collections. I am making a terrarium soon.

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  1. Lou304

    Sundew Terrarium

    This is my Terrarium I set up. Its a Five gallon fish tank with gravel on the bottom with charcoal on top then polished river rocks. With a layer of sheet Moss then a Layer of Sphagnum moss. Then mixture of peat moss and sand and pumice. There are 11 different species of sundew. List is dichrosepala, lake badgerup, scorpiodes pink flower, binata (looks like a typical Binata.), capillaris, spatulata fraser island white flower, nidiformis, madagascarensis, spatulata pink flower, leucoblasta cranbrook, and one that i don't know what it is lost its name last year moving it from my old round terrarium.
  2. Lou304

    sundew seeds

    there are two great nursery here in the states that i trust to get seeds from. cooks carnivore (is located in Oregon) and carnivorousplantnursery (is located in Maryland) there seed prices are really low.
  3. Ok. he is only going to be like that til Friday. I have soil coming in the mail with other plants to set up my terrarium.
  4. Lou304

    Cape Sundew

  5. I noticed today that my Cape Sundew has a red shoot coming off the base of it. I was wondering if this could be a root or a runner?
  6. I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but I have just received some Drosera Filiformis Red Thread. I have read that they need cold stratification and that they don't need it. I was wondering do they need to be and if not how long does it take them to germinate? Thank you
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