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    ... Every light puts out certain PUR. (photosynthetic usable radiation) The largest drawback with LED from my experience is the PAR rating. This is a measurement of photosynthetic usable radiation at X distance away from the light. The X is where lumen output comes into play. As for now, LED looses it's charm for most at this point. To achieve the same footprint of PAR that say a 1000watt metal halide lamp throws out you would need approx. 6 400 $ LED fixtures. There is a huge can of worms I could open here about heat,energy and the rest... Later days :)
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    Look in to the Kessil H350's ... big bucks but worth the results. :)
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    I can barely write english and it's my first language. Don't feel bad! Greetings from Canadia :)
  4. Ill jump on that bandwagon! Great lookin cephs mate!
  5. Was there any ac/dc playing? That would explain it all... :-D
  6. Welcome aboard! Big hello from Victoria BC !
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    New here.

    Hello from Canada!
  8. Good info thanks all. I know where my flower stalks are going from now on if I decide not to let the plant germinate.
  9. Thanks for sharing! Great looking collection of guics
  10. Ive got one of those shots as my desktop at work right now. Im heading there at the end of the month and I just cant wait! Thanks again for sharing.
  11. Fantastic. All perfect for desktop wallpapers :)
  12. That was first shot with Avid on a vft ... found this from a little while back. Made it look like 'buttcheeks' lol
  13. Yip, if you miss even 1 single mite they will come back. Infact when the mites get hit with most treatment they immediately begin asexually reproducing in order to maintain... that mix I posted earlier works very very well without 'nuking' the plant. All of the aforementioned pesticides penetrate the leaf and cause major stress. Which enduses even further problem. Biggest thing though which thankfully has been compounded into these suggestions is reapplication. There isnt a single mitacide avaiable commercial or not that will kill them all in one shot.
  14. Problem with beneficial bugs is that they take time to populate and end up usually being cultured on beanstalk that has 2 spotted mites in order to keep populations up. They are a bit of a catch 22 ... percimillus are aight but are used in more 'Uncontrollable' situations with vast amounts of plant material to treat.
  15. Im dealing with those same mites on the vft's. I hit them with both AVID and forbid with poor results. They were resistant to both. Those mites reproduce asexually so if you miss even one, they will flourish again. This recipe is the one that did em in on the traps I had at home... You have to re apply every 4 days or so until you are confident they are gone. Careful not to spray in full sun as it will burn the leaves. 1 litre water 2-3 cc Neem oil few drops of Eucalyptus oil (for red-spider mite) 1 tbsp light mineral oil 5-6 drops dishwater detergent Got this from opcs it worked fantastic and didnt fry the plants as those multilaminar pesticides will.
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    Welcome aboard sir!