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  1. I'm deeply sorry if there is something related to this already but, i found a way to preserve our plants traps. (honestly i think it works better with pitcher plants, but never tried with a Dionaea, so i'm not sure) It consist in dipping the pitcher in hot parafin, so the water can be replaced with it, preserving the plant tissue from decaying over time. it has passed 1 month and 23 days already since the day i've done it and it still looks the same. Of course, it will lose some of it's color and the appearance will change a bit, but it works. By the way, the one i used was a small pitcher, so
  2. One of the problems may be the water... they don't like to be sitting in water as it can cause root rot. Also, the growing medium don't seem to be adequate, but you should wait somebody else's opinions regarding it... Hope it gets better...
  3. As far as i know, the water change should not be a problem regarding the plant getting stressed, because water is all the same, with the exception when it is not demineralized... but even so, it shouldn't make such an impact on a nepenthes since they can take hard water. Cheers
  4. It's true that it have nutrients, but what i'm saying is... it's not the nutrients in the coffee that makes it grow faster, it's the speed as you said... i've noted much bigger difference when seeing pictures of people using just coffee, than those using just a fertilizer; let's say that it does contribute with nutrients, but it's the "extra" what makes coffee special... the speed... in which it makes the plant grow alot faster than the nutrient alone. I may be wrong though... like i said... an hypothesis (:
  5. So... I came up with an hypothesis about why coffee helps the plants growth... To be honest, i'm a white tea lover, and today, when drinking a cup of tea, a thought came in mind that, while coffee, as well as white tea and it's siblings(Camellia sinensis), increases metabolism in a person, why couldn't it do the same to a plant? So if this is correctly, then the coffee treatment in it self, isn't a fertilizer, but what make the chemical reactions occur faster... be it from the light it receives, the contents from the pitchers or any type of fertilizer.
  6. It's a relief to know that my plant is fine, Thanks everyone...
  7. Hello, today my nepenthes truncata pasian i recently bought, it arrived in the morning and was smaller then i was expecting... Here are some pics... The medium is long fiber sphagnum and Perlite 50/50% so my qu
  8. Maeros


    Hi everyone,my name is Gustavo, i'm from Brazil, i study law, and not new to carnivorous plants, but yet... alot to learn Cheers