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  1. Thank you Marcel. I have run across that book in my searches. I am still mulling over purchasing a copy. I may just have to do so. My research is for a painting so I don't need anything really academic, I just need names and good pictures. My initial plan was to find species names from online sources and then do image searches, but that proved more difficult than I thought it would be. At least now I know where I can purchase the book if need be. Thank you again for the info.
  2. Thank you LeeB!! That gives me a place to start!
  3. Hello Everyone, I am doing some research on CPs native to the island of Mauritius. I have tried internet searches but have not found a site that is really helpful (what I would really like is just a list). I know there is a book on the Cps of Mauritius and some other world guides, but unfortunately I am unable to find these at my libraries. I was hoping that someone on this forum may be able to recommend a site or be able to share some species names. :) Liz