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  1. Oh no, now I'm guilty of one of the seven deadly sins: envy. I especially like the Nepenthes jacquelineae. Your plants looks fabulous Jeremiah. Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I have one like this: It is quite large but that's mostly the water resevoir. Main advantage is that with a few pipes you can redirect the fog into the terrarium thus saving precious space for more plants.
  3. Try online auctions in your country or something. Thats where I've got mine.
  4. Neil >> Is your mother also into carnivorous plants or what? TunaSuprice >> Wow, gun control in the USA baffles me time after time... :disgusted:
  5. Omg That Rafflesia and Titan are absolutely gorgeous. Which one has the worst smell by the way? :)
  6. Unfortunately when I had finally fully completed my terrarium and was ready to fill it up it was already winter and too cold to safely order lowland nepenthes online. I’m currently still waiting till I can order them safely but when exactly is this? What month(/temperature) normally? The sooner the better. --- Anyhoo, I’m mostly looking for: (With the first ~5 being most important) 1) N. northiana 2) N. merrilliana 3) N. truncata 4) N. ampullaria 5) N. bicalcarata 6) N. veitchii 7) N. rafflesiana 'Giant' 8) N. campanulata 9) N. sumatrana 10) N. albomarginata (preferably red/rubra) 11) N. clipeata ... I would appreciate advice on where I could best order them online. I prefer paying more for larger versions (ie: not super small). :) Please share your experiences. ^^ Thanks.
  7. Only put cuttings in a bag Martin. :) Like Elgecko I’m not quite sure about the moss. Can we get a close-up?
  8. Well if you want to have a very large Nepenthes then yes you might want to support it so it grows straight and doesn’t tip over under its own weight eventually. But if you grow it in a terrarium and (thus) regularly take cuttings it isn’t needed. I’m not quite sure if it’s beneficial for pitcher production on a certain leaf that grabs onto something… Anyone got some data(/experiments) about that?
  9. Actually I ment the hormones to promote root growth. :)
  10. Sure you can cut it. You could have even cut it before that second growth point was already growing. As long as there are some dormant nodes left on the remaining stem of the plant it will continue to grow. I’m not sure how long the stem is you wanna cut. I think it’s better to make cuttings with around 3 leafs attached to it. Make sure you cut these leafs in half to reduce the evaporation area. (Since it can't take up much water without roots) And high humidity is also advised. (Transparent plastic bag over it or something)
  11. Hey Rogier, So this is your first new Ping again? Since I took your last one some time ago.
  12. Very tidy Rogier. How’s it like, cleaning many greenhouses? Annoying repetitive work or fun anyways? :)
  13. My Cephs are also fine. A few leafs died back but no mass extinction of pitchers or something. Here’s a quick picture I’ve taken today:
  14. Depends a lot of the fruit type. A lychee isn't that bad. I don't think Aidan was offensive. It's mostly your own imagination that offended yourself. :)
  15. Fantastic shot! Hamata is always eye-candy. Is that pure sphagnum they grow in?