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  1. If you search on google there is a government article about it, just tried pasting a link but the whole document opened. search photography and copyright regulations
  2. Hi Dunc. I have approx 500 pots of Disa orchids, cephalotus, and some Dionaea, I have one greenhouse covered in Triple ply bubble wrap, with a 2kw fan heater thermostatically controlled, the purpose of my post was to see if anyone had used 30gram horticultural fleece to insulate there greenhouse, I had seen adverts suggesting that it was a better insulator than bubble, easier to instal and also you do not get the condensation build up on the fleece, so just testing the water so to speak if someone had tried using it.. Ron
  3. I also tried so VFT in a Melcort potting park and granite grit, and the growth was terrible compared to plants in a Peat/Perlite mix, so I also assume its the Melcourt. Yet I have trialled some Disa Orchids in the same mix that Mike uses and have had a really good growth with it.
  4. I tested the Diall brand from B&Q a couple of years ago and it bubbled like a volcano when tested.
  5. Hi Karsty. Yes, I had already checked the thermometers, they are both the same brand digital and there is 0.2 deg difference in them which I have taken into account.
  6. Has anyone tried insulating there greenhouse using 30g heavy duty horticultural fleece, if so how did it perform. I have my small greenhouse insulated with triple layered bubble wrap, the glass in this is the standard horticultural glass but in cold weather I notice that my new greenhouse which has 4mm toughened glass and no insulation is 1.2 deg c warmer with no insulation. I was wondering what the effect would be in insulating this one with 30g Fleece.
  7. I also used to get it the same as you, as the greenhouse gets sun all day, I used to take the pots out the trays and hose both the trays and pots with a hose pipe on spray mode. As a matter of interest since I have been using RO water I no longer get any slime.
  8. Very Nice, well worth the wait.
  9. Ron

    Lack of Pollen

    I moved the main plants I wanted to pollinate into the conservatory, and I was rewarded with pollen and have been pollinating these plants with the brush every day. The seed is starting to show in each flower now, so hopefully I will have some successful seed for the spring.
  10. Is anyone else having problems with the system logging you off, it has done it several times recently, ten minutes ago being the last, I was typing a post then when I went to post it, it told me I was not logged in.
  11. Ron

    Lack of Pollen

    Hi Ada, I have the doors and window open day and night and also have a fan running 24/7, I have closed the door the past couple of nights incase it was getting to cold as the night temps have been down to 10C.
  12. Ron

    Lack of Pollen

    Not that I have seen, lots of flies and bee's and just the odd Hover fly, originally I had them protected by a insect screen, as I wanted to cross a couple of plants, but I removed this yesterday in the hope that I may get some seeds.
  13. Ron

    Lack of Pollen

    Is anyone else suffering from a lack of Pollen on their Cephalotus flowers. I have thirteen flowers on my cephs and whilst most stigma are in receptive mode non of the flowers are producing any pollen, the pollen flowers do not seem to be ripening, this has been going on now for about two weeks or more and a lot of the flowers are now closing. Tried using a small paint brush but nothing shows, even when using a magnifying glass. Looks like no seed this year.
  14. It is grow Bark Pine that Mike was using and has a Ph 4.5-5.5, and the bag I had was labeled with the name on it. I am using it, trialling some Disa orchids in it instead of sphagnum moss peat, so far the test is positive but will need to wait until spring to check the root systems. Growbark-Pine.pdf
  15. Welcome back Stephen, good to have you back.
  16. gundog. I bought the TMC V2 Pure Advanced unit about two months ago from the local Maidenhead Aquatics had it for a good price, and I think it is good value. Like yourself I am not on the meter, I now have 600 litres stored and just top up the tanks as i use it, I get a TDS reading of between 1-3 depending on the quality of water going through it each day, its surprising how the quality changes by the hour. It has an inbuilt TDS meter which shows the quality of water coming in and going out, and also a flush valve. Like Stu said it does not make the amount of RO water as stated in the literature. I have it installed in my shed and have put a long length of waste pipe on it and I just move the pipe around the garden and leave it to water the plants. I purchased mine as I had a bacteria problem in my water butts and considering I was stocking 2200 Litres in butts I did not know which one was the problem, so now I do not have to worry, I use around 80/100 litres every couple of days or on hot days I can use that a day. I also grow a lot of Disa orchids with the Carnivorous plants hence why so much water is used. Hope this helps.
  17. I've not received any emails from the CPS for twelve months, and I check my junk mail regulary.
  18. Very nice collection, is the Paph - "Bellatulum"??
  19. Nothing wrong with Bord Na Mona peat I use it, just bought a 170 Ltr bale last week.
  20. Great looking plant Dimi.
  21. Thanks Martin, I am using a Mac and when I hover over it, it just shows my picture detail, before the changes I used to have the drop down box which gave about four options including copy url but I don't have that anymore. It used to be very easy before but things seem to be missing now. I will keep playing, Thanks.
  22. Another question, thanks I uploaded an image and found my gallery again, but if I want to use a picture again from the gallery how do I get that image's url as I cannot find anything to click to get it, all I have is the image JPEG no. Sorry to be thick its an age thing