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  1. Most plants don't always produce large traps and they don't grow the same from year to year.... I mean the opposing questions are endless... Are we taking the data from the spring growth? Summer growth? Fall? Dormancy?...  Did the plant flower this season? How many divisions did it make after flowering? How long was the growth pause after flowering?... Did the plant suffer any type of set backs? Late freeze? Late watering? Too much watering?... What media was it grown it? What was the PH of the media in each pot?.... The amount of questions I could bring up to stifle the results is too many. 



    This type of data gathering would take years to get a real idea and an accurate measurement, and the results would differ from region to region. These are living items subject to many different variables that can cause many different issues with the end results. If you really think I could just go grab a bunch of traps off of a few plants and give an accurate representation of the data, you are very, very wrong. I would need to do that every week for at least 3 seasons to show enough data to be correct on a scientific level...... Then, I would need to be able to replicate all results hundreds of times.


    On top of all of those problems, the amount of plants I would need to have growing is huge. I mean, each time I pull a single trap off of a plant, I would not be able to gather from that plant again for at least 2-3 months. Due to each time I pull a leaf it stunts the growth of the next leaves. If it were as easy as you make it out to be, it would have been done years ago.... Of course, I could just leave the traps on. But, not all plants have nice 12cm long petioles to measure the traps easily and correctly. 



    Remember, in science, something doesn't just happen once and they call it fact. You need to be able to replicate and produce results hundreds of times. Which takes years for even very minor things. So it is NOT as simple as measuring a few dozen traps and presenting a table.



    But, most seasoned growers do have their own mental tables built and the ability to pick out great plants when they see one, and if anyone here is a seasoned grower and has the ability to pick out great plants, it is Flytrapranch. 

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  2. you talk percentages and average trap sizes but show no tables of collected data of traps from many plants sampled randomly. so anything you say is bias and not scientific and therefore cannot be taken seriously by anyone with a basic understanding of proper scientific analysis.


    You need to conduct some basic statistical analysis on groups of plants, record and present your data and results for your claims to have any validity that's the proper procedure anything else is just snake oil sales speak




    While you are most definitely correct, I don't think something like that needs to happen. There are far too many variables to get a perfect answer. Also, everyone who has grown plants for multiple seasons will have done their own tests. Especially those in search for a giant trap. While my percentages are not perfect, they are close enough to prove my point.


    lastly, anyone who has grown for multiple seasons will agree with my statements about B52 and DC XL... That is why it is so hard to find a "premium" sized plant available and why it is so hard to find many pictures of their traps hitting more than 3.8cm. It just doesn't happen that often. 

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  3. I just think a little more patience and testing  should be done before unveiling new clones to the world. Once they are out there, that's it - the 'got to get 'em all' folks will now be clamouring to get their hands on one - regardless of how well it proves to perform.


    I have personally never grown southwest giant, so it may be one heck of a plant that I haven't gotten my hands on yet. Per your testimony, I will purchase one!... If I can find one.... I see the name G16 and southwest Giant both being sold at the same store, so I am not certain it will be easy to obtain the plant you have. At least over here in the states.


    But, I could not agree with you enough on your comment above. But, this is exactly why Steve waited until his plant had matured with 4 divisions showing the same traits and the traits remained true.


    Too many folks are too quick to name a plant. Especially a name that indicates it is some sort of "giant" plant just so they can make a large amount $$ off of it.... I have gotten myself into a bit of trouble over the years by calling those same things out. Steve said it best but, it is good to see folks being hesitant and wise to those tricks.

  4. I am the other grower that currently has one of these amazing plants, so I figured I would take a moment and say a few words too :)


    First of all, everyone is completely right to be skeptical. Too darn many plants are getting named and not enough have anything truly superior or different.



    Before I begin discussing SD Titan, I want to talk about large traps and the current contenders for the largest trap. Anyone who has grown plants for more than a few seasons will know most plants, including B52 and DC XL, rarely put out traps over 3.8cm and anything larger than that, is pretty darn big. Most will also know just how rare a 4.5cm trap is.... Now, have there been larger traps on a plant? Yes. Most definitely. Do they only come from B52 and DC XL? No, they don't. Even most "typical" plants have the ability to, every few seasons, put out a few monster traps.... So just how often does B52 and DC XL put out traps over 3.8cm? The answer is rarely... And how often do DC XL and B52 put out a trap over 4.5cm? The answer is even more rarely... I personally know people who have grown B52 for many seasons, and DC XL, but never once saw a trap get over 3.8cm.


    Since B52 and DC XL rarely put out traps over those sizes, are they really that special? The answer is no. 99% of the time you are growing a B52 or DC XL they are going to look like an average size typical. At least until they decide to get in that special moment every few seasons and push out 2-3 monstrous traps.... But, even most typical plants will do that. So again, are they really that special and do they really deserve their name?



    Now onto SD Titan. Why name this plant? What is so special?.... Simple, SD Titan is the only plant in the world that will give you traps over 3.8cm regularly and every season. So far, SD Titan has out grown every plant in my collection and makes both B52 and DC XL look small 99% of the time.... Has it put out the new biggest trap in the world? Not yet.... Has it put out more giant traps than all other plants on average? Definitely. Mine has put out more traps over 3.8cm than every single plant in my collection. Heck, in this season alone my SD Titan has put out more 3.8cm+ traps than every plant I have ever had, combined. AND my SD Titan was nothing more than a small division last year. So in a single year it was gone from a "young" plant to a "young-adult" and has already hit 4.6cm.... SD Titan is doing something that no other current plant can do. There is not a another plant that makes 4cm traps average, normal, and happen daily.



    Now for the part that really intrigues me..... What is the average sized trap on B52 and DC XL? I am sure it varies from location and grower. But for me, they both seem to average around 3.2cm 95% of the time. 4% of the time they get close to that 3.8cm mark and the remaining 1% they exceed 3.8cm... What is the average trap for SD Titan? I only have around 1 full growing season with SD Titan and it is still a young adult and wont be mature until next season. But so far the traps are averaging 4cm.... Steve has not told me what the largest trap he has ever seen on SD Titan was and so far mine has only reached 4.6cm. But, if this plant makes traps a cm larger, on average, than both of the 2 "largest traped plants". Then I personally can't wait to see what kind of trap it makes during that 1% growth period that allows the others to reach such massive proportions.




    Of course, only myself and Steve have one of these plants. So this all means nothing to those who don't have one and can't come to either one of our homes to see it. So I say, "be skeptical!"..... It is good that so many growers are becoming so. We need to stop seeing so many average plants named and we need stop seeing so many average sized plants getting large names for the sake of money. And the more of us that speak out, the less of those that will try and sneak things through and create false hype around nothing...... So be skeptical, but get ready to see the biggest plant, on average, that you've ever seen! :D

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