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  1. Most plants don't always produce large traps and they don't grow the same from year to year.... I mean the opposing questions are endless... Are we taking the data from the spring growth? Summer growth? Fall? Dormancy?... Did the plant flower this season? How many divisions did it make after flowering? How long was the growth pause after flowering?... Did the plant suffer any type of set backs? Late freeze? Late watering? Too much watering?... What media was it grown it? What was the PH of the media in each pot?.... The amount of questions I could bring up to stifle the results is too many.
  2. lol! While you are most definitely correct, I don't think something like that needs to happen. There are far too many variables to get a perfect answer. Also, everyone who has grown plants for multiple seasons will have done their own tests. Especially those in search for a giant trap. While my percentages are not perfect, they are close enough to prove my point. lastly, anyone who has grown for multiple seasons will agree with my statements about B52 and DC XL... That is why it is so hard to find a "premium" sized plant available and why it is so hard to find many pictures of their tr
  3. I have personally never grown southwest giant, so it may be one heck of a plant that I haven't gotten my hands on yet. Per your testimony, I will purchase one!... If I can find one.... I see the name G16 and southwest Giant both being sold at the same store, so I am not certain it will be easy to obtain the plant you have. At least over here in the states. But, I could not agree with you enough on your comment above. But, this is exactly why Steve waited until his plant had matured with 4 divisions showing the same traits and the traits remained true. Too many folks are too quick to na
  4. I am the other grower that currently has one of these amazing plants, so I figured I would take a moment and say a few words too :) First of all, everyone is completely right to be skeptical. Too darn many plants are getting named and not enough have anything truly superior or different. Before I begin discussing SD Titan, I want to talk about large traps and the current contenders for the largest trap. Anyone who has grown plants for more than a few seasons will know most plants, including B52 and DC XL, rarely put out traps over 3.8cm and anything larger than that, is pretty darn