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  1. As above what is this plant? I went to the butterfly house in Sheffield and saw this plant whilst I was there and read the sign about what it was but have forgotten the name!!! But it caught my attention as it looked like it should be carnivorous (tho it's not as far as I know) Anyway some pics to help identify it :) And a butterfly eating a banana just because Hope someone on here knows
  2. Just been playing around with the macro mode on my camera Drosera aliciae
  3. arnaudcarni thank you it is still doing well can see some new pitchers forming :) Had the plants out to enjoy some Sun and catch some food also have a new addition and also spotted another freebie in one of my tubs :) Food :) New addition And the freebie i spotted today
  4. Thank you! Haha indeed tho don't tell the other half already have a few plants eyed up Yeah That is my plan with them for winter tho my Binata is currently growing in with my S. purpurea so may replant a few of them to grow next year as will be leaving the purpurea in the greenhouse. Yeah that seems to be the best plan, just need to watch out for those extra cold spells!!!!!
  5. Thank you again for all the advice! Has put my mind at rest a little :)
  6. Thank you all! I think I will just line the green house inside with bubble wrap and I may invest in a paraffin heater to only be used if we get a long cold snap! does that sound like a decent plan? Adam
  7. Just made a new thread about that before I saw your reply! whoops lol whats the best thing to do if it does drop that cold? could I line the greenhouse with bubble wrap or would it be best to get a small heater just incase?
  8. So it has been brought to my attention that I'm not really prepared for my first winter with my new plants. I will soon be moving and putting the plants into an unheated greenhouse I had assumed that this would be good protection for them in the winter but now I'm wondering if i will need a heater for my new greenhouse and if so what would be the best/safest way to do this? Or would I be able to use bubble wrap or horticultural fleece in someway? Plants I currently have are Dionaea muscipula varius cultivars Sarracenia purpurea (still unsure which one) - but think either type should be fine? Sarracenia leucophylla Darlingtonia californica Drosera capensis (alba) - assume I keep this one indoors? Drosera binata Many thanks Adam
  9. Well I am in the process of buying a new house which comes with a green house the sale should be complete in the next couple of months :) so the plan was to move them into there for the winter. does that sound like a good plan? still new so have a lot to learn! also should I get a small heater for it or is unheated ok? Adam
  10. Fujifilm finepix s1600 and not a cp but another fly catcher
  11. Drosera capensis (still covered in peat from postage can't seem to shift it) Drosera binata new growth (freebie) Adam
  12. Sarracenia leucophylla Sarracenia purpurea Darlingtonia californica Adam
  13. Well I only recently started keeping cp's (around two weeks ago) but have really caught the bug! and thanks to two lovely people on here my collection has grown a lot in a short time! So would like to say thank you all for the advice iv had up to yet (expect more questions from me) and a big thank you to Ceri and Gary for my new plants! Firstly the Venus fly traps Big mouth South West Giant All Green Giant Sawtooth Akai ryu (my first fly trap) Adam
  14. Well I have many hobbies but the one that got me into growing plants was fish keeping. I think I actually spend more time messing with the plants than the fish! Does anyone else keep a planted fish tank? Tho I know some of you will have aquatic cp's! Tho I know nothing about them lol anyway here is a picture of one of my tanks Adam