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  1. a golden Darlingtonia head, amazing. look's very good.
  2. WOW, amazing plants. but i see what, i dont know what for a plant this is. cxan anyone tell me the name of this beautifl sarracenia ?
  3. okay, this is cool. i need help, I am looking for a few plants, in which forum I can post that ?
  4. Hello, iam new here. i come from Straubing this is in bavaria/germany. carnivorous plants have been 4 years my passion, as I have some bought Sarracenias. I have grown up 1 week ago over 1000 perennials, I have now given up to me to focus more on my passion. currently I cultivate darlingtonia, sarracenia, dionaea, drosera, helonias. was my list is still very small, but it is steadily growing. I hope I can here make a few contacts who live on the other side of the pond. :) I hope you can understand me, my english is not the best Greats Dennis
  5. Hello, here are 2 pictures of my Darlingtonia californica from Siuslaw National Forest in Oregon. my greatest treasure :)