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  1. Hello Johan, your set up sounds incredible, is there any chance you could post some photos on here? In answer to your algae question I'm assuming your water circulation system is self contained and is just topped up to allow for evaporation. In which case it might be helpful to test the water for nitrate and phosphate levels using a cheap aquarium test kit as it's possible that these nutrients have accumulated over time in this closed system to high levels, both of which are factors in encouraging nuisance algae. If these levels are significantly high then you could consider changing the water
  2. What you're saying makes a lot of sense Welshy as I've sown half of the seed in tiny improvised propagators and the other half have been sown in a hanging pot inside the terrarium both on finely chopped sphagnum moss, all are sharing a common light source and are at the same temperature but the germination rate inside the terrarium so far is now 5 times higher at 15 seedlings compared with those in the propagators which are ventilated twice a day. I've had absolutely no mould at all within the terrarium which has a fan on 24/7 compared to about 10 mouldy seeds inside the propagators which get
  3. So far so good then, though admittedly I have had a couple go mouldy but removed them straight away :)Best wishes Matthew
  4. Another 6 have popped up. Fingers crossed they don't damp off. What conditions have you sowed them under?Best wishes Matthew
  5. Thanks to everyone for trying out my spare seed, I hope you'll keep the forum updated on your progress. I'm pleased to say that I have one seedling germinated at the moment :) Best wishes Matwag
  6. Hello, there are a couple of packets still available if you fancy having a go:) each one contains approximately 50 seeds. Pm me if you're interested in giving them a try. Best wishes Matwag
  7. That's brilliant, we'll be able to compare results, it'll be interesting to see what happens :) Best wishes Matwag
  8. Yesterday I received some mixed N ampullaria seed from a a well known auction site whose seller I believe has mixed feedback from reading some of your comments on this forum. With this in mind and having sown all that I need I thought some of you might like to have a try with this batch of seed also and ultimately compare results later on. If anybody would like to have a go with the surplus seed then just send me a pm, it won't cost you anything except your time but please note due to postage costs I can only send within the UK unless postage is paid before hand. Best wishes :) Matwag
  9. Thank you both for the nice comments :) Hi Kiwano, I'd probably say it's an intermediate terrarium as the temperatures do tend to hover between highland and lowland conditions but it does have a cable heater fitted to keep it stable during the winter. The N glabrata seems to really enjoy these conditions and has tripled in size as it was tiny when I got it and is one of my favourites. The humidity runs at about 95% with the lights running for 14 hours a day and the misters coming on once an hour for 10 seconds during the day but I purposely made the terrarium totally automated as I'm a bit s
  10. Hello Icarus, have you got any close up photos of the damage you could show us to double check? Thanks Matwag
  11. That's a very good answer. Now what am I going to do with these fifty bottles of invigorator I've got knocking about....... :)
  12. Right so here are a few close ups of the plants:) Nepenthes ventrata Nepenthes Bloody Mary Nepenthes glabrata Nepenthes aristolochiodies x ventricosa View inside of some of the plants. All
  13. Hello Icarus, is there any chance you could post any photos you may have of damage if any caused to the leaves of your Nepenthes or other symptoms? Regards Matwag
  14. Hello, personally I'd mount the fan from a bracket fastened to the inside of your lid as opposed to the side, like in the picture below of my terrarium. I've used 12mm rigid aquarium tubing and an elbow to make the bracket its mounted from. As for the vents you could even make a sliding vent using any polycarbonate you may have left over :) Regards Matwag
  15. matwag

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    My terrarium fan, mounted from the ceiling of the tank using a bracket made from rigid aquarium tubing.
  16. Hello, well done on your terrarium, it looks great :) 1. Do i have to make some holes for air circulation (where?) or just slide windows occasionally? I have PC fan connected to a charger, where should i mount it? I would personally add ventilation to keep the air circulated by making small vents on the lower part of your terrarium below the sliding doors and also on the lid of it too. If you wanted you could make these adjustable by using something similar to the rotary vents they use on cheap plastic propagators. You'd probably need to do this as you're using a fogger, to prevent the mist