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  1. Hello, any update on what happened with my shipping? And if the plants weren't sent, then a refund would have been appropriate, no? I'm still trying to figure out why you would have sent another set of plants without knowing if the first package arrived and without telling me about having sent it. I don't think that you would have done that and it doesn't make sense to have done that.
  2. Apologies for the late reply, I don't get onto CPUK that often anymore and hadn't received a reply to my previous email yet so I assumed you were busy/otherwise unable to respond. I don't expect you to be able to keep everything clean which is why I asked if others had received Utricularia from you to see if contamination from other species like subulata was normal and if I could still expect to see some bisquamata in there. That's not a big deal as it's certainly understandable and I wouldn't be able to fault any grower for subulata spreading in their collections. As for the first part, I would be shocked to hear that the plants were sent repeatedly as I was never informed that they were sent in the first place and feel as though it would be very strange for you to resend plants in which I never confirmed the arrival or lack of arrival unless you had somehow been notified that they had been destroyed or lost along the way. I will say that the plants that arrived the first time are all still alive and doing well on my end and were definitely appropriately sized if not larger than expected. I'll have to check if the other growers I ordered for to see if they still have their plants but I've seen pictures of most of the plants from two of them that seem to be doing really well as well. So the quality of the plants was fine, the only problem was ordering the first time and not receiving all of the plants that were paid for. At this point me and another grower are still waiting on a pair of plants or a refund if it isn't possible. Let me know if there's anything I missed out on in that
  3. Anybody else get any plants from David recently, I'm still waiting on some sterile culture from January that he was supposed to send me while I was in the EU (along with another utric that he never sent which I'm guessing I won't be getting unless he also puts that in sterile culture). I'm also wondering if one of the plants I did receive while in the EU is actually the right plant. When he sends utricularia do they get contamination from things like subulata? I keep getting what looks like cleistogamous flowers from what should be a U. bisquamata Betty's Bay Maybe it's still acclimating but I'm not sure, I'll have to bring it up with him next time I get a reply.
  4. No prob, it just doesn't have the right shape/ color to it, "blue" is probably an unknown hybrid of Sandersonii though
  5. Hey, just wanted to say that your U. Sandersonii "Blue" is actually just U. Sandersonii
  6. I definitely wouldn't say vfts growing in the last picture, the cotydelons are too wide and they have to long of a stem
  7. Haha woops! xD in that case sure, my bad, didn't realize that lol
  8. I'd love to, unfortunately I'm across the pond in south Florida so I'd probably need to do a lot of paperwork lol
  9. And I'm probably biased towards clone A, here's mine :) I obviously haven't gotten the solid white coloration yet but they were still adapting to my conditions at the time, hopefully I'll get it next year :)
  10. A and D both become almost solid white in fall under the right conditions, I'm not really sure about C and D
  11. I'd suggest replacing S. Deep Throat with S. Sean Killady :)
  12. Depends on what you get, a utric like Bisquamata is like a weed (will grow in almost all CP friendly conditions) and will colonize your pots whereas utrics like Alpina can be very difficult to grow if not given the proper conditions
  13. You could wait until the end of winter, but they'll forgive you if you don't
  14. Depending on what your preference is, it's either Sarracenia Purpurea ssp. Venosa var. Burkii or Sarracenia Rosea, some people refer to it as a species some, a variety, I personally call it Rosea (mostly because it's probably easier to label)
  15. If you're in the northern hemisphere, north and west facing gives it the least amount of light, and North American pitchers usually like full sun, as in at least 6 hours of direct sun
  16. In regards to IDing a plant, I'd definitely trust Mike with what he says, look up sarracenia Rosea lettuce clone also the reason your plant is green is most likely because it's not getting enough sun, one it gets more sun (or more time in the sun if this is a new plant) then it will color up
  17. Huh, that's a cool tidbit of info, how could you tell?
  18. If you upload the pictures, then most likely someone will be able to ID them for you :)
  19. I can tell you that it probably has Leucophylla in it but that's it for now
  20. I use Facebook and can't see it, you probably have to put it on a website like Flickr or Tinypic
  21. "Normal" soil will kill them, the soil you linked works though
  22. Hey welcome! Unfortunately, the flytrap and pitcher plant will do much better outside than in a terrarium. Purple pitcher plants (depending on the subspecies) have a natural range into Canada so growing them outdoors year round shouldn't be a problem whatsoever. You could put the sundew in a terrarium but I believe it will do much better as a windowsill plant along with the flytrap. That soil media looks fine to use imo :)
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