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  1. These three of daringtonia seedling grow from seeds. It's 1 year and half old but, steel very small. I'll keep them in my veranda in this winter. I bought it 3 days ago. 나의 IM-A870K 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  2. Here is South Korea. Here is autum. Air is getting cold but the sunshine is still strong. I grow them in veranda, I covered them with transparent plastic covers to maintain high air-humidity. Rarely watering them and never standing in the water, but spraying water every morning and evening. 나의 IM-A870K 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  3. To. CephFan Yes, they really are! ^o^
  4. Before picture After picture Once in every two weeks, I put some dried-redworm into the adult pitchers.
  5. Freezing cold here! It still alive on the dead sphegnum moss which is freezed like a stone. 나의 IM-A870K 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  6. I'm not sure that the brown things mean that they are in dormany or died. 15~8C here, pot is standing on the water in half of the pot. I do not really care about hot summer season. But winter season is difficult ㅠㅠ.
  7. Hi, I have tiny darlingtonia seedlings, which 1year old. Upcoming winter is second time for them, but the problem is the temperature. My veranda keeps the temperature in winter season around 5~15C commonly, Sometimes 20C. I think that the temperature is too high to get winter dormancy for darlingtonia. While I find what could I do for my darlingtonia's good dormancy, I saw the post about fridge method. Is that a kind of way to get a good dormancy for darlingtonia? If it is, how can I do that? I need more information about the fridge method and your advice from this similer experience. Headache.. 5~15C dormancy temperature is okay for darlingtonia? (Full of sunshine)
  8. lol.. actually, I took them inside and there was toi warm in balcony. Then, at first, I though that's the main reason of strange pitchers appear.
  9. Here are the photo of it. The pot is under full-sun everyday. I use water both of tray and top-water. Last year, they grew very well. But this year... nope.. If there is any ways I can do for them, please let me know.. Thank you ..^^
  10. After the terrible winter dormancy(it was too worm..), my S.minor make abnormal pitcher. That looks aguly and weak, I don't know what to do for this. I wonder this phenomenon will be seen until the end of this summer or it just happen for now. Is there any method to get over this? Thank you!
  11. i'd take the top off now before the leaves appear,keep the sphagnum wet and this should give you enough humidity and the seedlings should grow and get used to your growing conditions. ________________ Thank you for your advice.^^
  12. Hi! I wonder when should I take the cover off for my germinating seeds. I can see them stretch the root, but not yet the leaves. Soil is 50:50 sphagnummoss and pearlite. The pot is on the water plate and placed beside of window. I saw many posts said that when the seeds are germinating, let the cover off. But, I'm worried that dry out if I take off the cover. What is the best way to successive germination? Thank you guys.
  13. Is there anyone who has bought seeds from 'Ali express'? I wonder that seeds from Ali express are good to germinate or not... Thank you^^