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  1. Not at the moment unfortunately, I can't find my camera. I'm not really sure what the stuff is, but I've ordered a pack of Salvinia Natans from ebay for £2.50, so that'll be going in the trays now!
  2. So it turns out the stuff near me very definitely isn't Salvinia as it has started growing out of the trays...will be looking on the web!
  3. Awesome, cheers. I'll get on that!
  4. Hey, So I'd like to get some seeds from a few VFTs this year, but as I'll have some different varieties, how do I stop cross-pollination by other insects? I'd like to make sure I can control the process. Is there any clever way to do this that doesn't involve isolating the ones I want to seed from? Thanks!
  5. Amazing guys, thank you. I googled Salvinia and that's exactly what they were! As luck would have it, there are some living in a puddle near me which I'll comandeer a sample of soon :) Cheers!
  6. Tarek - swapping plants sounds great! I'll wait until I've got some divisions. VFTLance - I wish I'd thought of easing her in gently, I might give her a few lessons so she's okay for the future! Good luck with uni, I'm sure you'll have loads of fun!
  7. So when I used to cultivate CPs a few years ago, I had a problem with algae gumming up the water. I mentioned it on here, and one member very kindly sent me some of this water plant which floated on the water and somehow meant no algae could grow. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called, it sounded similar to "Salvia" I think (except obviously it wasn't actually Salvia!). Does anyone else use this stuff/know what its called? Even better, does anyone know where I might be able to get some? I hope I've posted this in the right place, mods! Cheers!
  8. Ahh your plants look great - one of your VFTs looks very full! I think im going to try and grow some more drosera this time, they're just fascinating. I didn't grow my nepenthes in a terrarium, we've got a sort of utility room that gets loads of sun and is pretty humid, so I put them there. Thinking about it, I'll do the same again for a few select species and make a terrarium for the winter. It looks like yours are just on the window sill - do they cope well?
  9. Thanks! I wish I'd just left them at home too, but I was so worried my mum would kill them - she's not very green fingered unfortunately! What are you thinking of studying at uni?
  10. Hey! I mainly grew VFTs, sarracenia, darlingtonia and neps and had a cephalotus. I absolutely love nepenthes, but I had a bit of trouble during the winter with them. I'm trying to sort something out so I can keep them warm enough without paying a fortune! How about you?
  11. Hi! I had a lovely plant collection a few years ago but had to sell it when I went to uni. I'm back now, and can't wait to start growing again! I'm looking forward to getting involved with stuff on here again - its changed loads! Billybob
  12. Hey, just my two cents worth, but I've found that my neps (mainly ventrata and ventricosa) have been pitchering far more since i repotted them in sphagnum moss, and then covered each developing ickle pitcher in the sphagnum to raise the relative humidity around the developing pitcher. Although I'm sure light is a large factor aswell, as when i kept them in a shaded old fishtank (thinking they needed very diffuse light) they hardly grew, let alone pitcher. So I'm guessing a combination of factors would be a good start. Omar
  13. Oh i hadn't thought of that (thank you for the thread btw Leo - should have done a search!). The plant hasn't eaten for a long time, but there are some developing pitchers, so I'll wait for some flies and see if it perks up a bit soon. Indymental - I just had another look and it does have some purpley freckles so the yellowing leaves could be just another symptom of sunburn - I'm hoping the coolglass stuff'll help a bit there. Thanks for all your help, Omar
  14. Hi all! This morning i recieved some neps from NEPENTI (nice plants btw!) and i couldn't help noticing that they were a lot greener than mine - which seem to have taken on a yellowey tinge in recent months. I suspected it may be sunburn so I've put some "coolglass" shading on the roof, but then again it might not be - does anyone know what could be causing this yelloweyness? The main plant in question is a ventrata, and its potted in live sphagnum moss. Omar
  15. I bought a few typical VFT's at the local wyevale, and one has a trap size of 1.2 inches! Not bad considering they're typicals, and from a garden centre! Ive only had them a couple of weeks, so im not going to pretend it was anything to do with my growing!
  16. Brad, those pictures are depressing! And to think i got excited when my half dead ventrata had its first pitcher open today! But very, very nice pictures!
  17. Thanks Stephen, ive cut the plant in half (more or less) and am trying to root the rootless half.
  18. Billybob


    Hi, Does anyone know how to prune a nepenthes (alata x ventricosa is the plant in question) so that it doesnt climb upwards, but instead forms a nice set of rosetted leaves? My alata x ventricosa is trying to climb through the air, and in doing so is uprooting itself and if it carries on will probably fall out of its pot! Thanks Omar
  19. Billybob

    VFT seed

    Thats great - as soon as i obtain the seed (if i do) ill sow it straight into sphagnum peat moss. Thanks, Omar
  20. Billybob

    VFT seed

    Hello everyone! One of my VFT's is just about to flower and when ive pollinated it and collected the seed (assuming everything goes according to plan!) do you have to sow the seed into a moist pot, and then stratify the seed in a refigirator for four weeks? Or do you sow the seed straight onto soil, and place in sunlight? Any comments gratefully recevied :) Omar
  21. Wow! minus 30? That is seriously cold! I'll keep them outside this winter, with a cover on perhaps. Thanks guys, that was very helpful! Omar
  22. Pretty cold! Im guessing they cant go down to those temperatures though, can they? Does anyone know which temperatures are their minimum and maximum?
  23. Yup! They're going outside this winter! Our garden isnt fantastically huge, so its going to be pretty sheltered from the fences - can they withstand snow and frosts (like we got last winter)? Thanks, Omar
  24. Thanks guys! If it gets too hot this summer (though judging by the weather we've been getting in kent, im guessing it wont!), i'll either move them outside or use the icecube and watering from above methods. Thanks, Omar