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  1. Really? 250 views and no replies? I cannot believe no one knows this....
  2. Can't tell you that, since I still haven't got my heli, I was thinking 6o% white sphagnum peat, 40% perlite, and for humidity, I still don't know I want to inform myself well, since I don't want my plant to die.....
  3. OK, since nobody answered my topic about Helis, so I have to ask the most important part of my topic: how to water from top? I mean, how to know when have I poured enough water?
  4. OK, in this topic, I will write everything I know about growing H. Minor, and you guys add everything you think it's needed. I've asked a lot of people and they gave me this info, now I need you guys to tell me your opinion. 1. I have terrarium 60*30*40 cm (l*w*h). It used to be aquarium. I will buy new one if my Heli overgrows itit has light on top, I thought to buy 6400K CFL light, is that OK? Or can I buy light like this Next, it has opening for feeding, about 4*4 cm, do you think it will kill my humidity, since I will install fan to blow through that opening? I will mist twice a day to make right humidity. 2. Now about soil: is 40/60 perlite/white sphagnum peat good soil (with live sphagnum if I find it? 3. About watering, and this is most important. I've heard two versions: First one is that I need to water from above, but I don't know how much water to pour in plant? Second one is that I need to put aquarium filter sponge on bottom of the pot about 1-2 inches high and soil on that. Then I can put pot in standing water, which version is better? I don't want to put plant just in standing water since I've heard bad things can happen. And I should fill pitchers with water once a month, right? 4. About feeding. I've heard dried blood worms are good food. How to feed helis? That's it for now, can remember anything else to ask. Please answer all underlined questions. Thanks!
  5. Hi there! I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina and I am one of the rare CP lovers. I'm still new. I have Drosera Capensis pink and alba and Dionaea Muscipula Big Mouth. They've germinated about month and a half ago, so they're still small :) I've heard very good things of this forum and I hope we will share lots of nice experiences :)