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  1. Hello, I haven't been around much, because I have even been very busy with life. This includes being out of the country for awhile. So you may remember here http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52979&hl= . I introduced myself and posted some photo's of my plants. Well I've not long been back in the country and had left the plants in the care of my parents! Which they did a good job. I gave them basics instructions. I was surprised at how much they had grown since I have been away. In the last thread I did not post an photo of my DC XL. So here is the updated photos with the DC XL included.
  2. Thanks for the advice Richard, yes it is small traps around the 5cm mark.
  3. Nope if it was live Sphagnum moss I would have said so in the first place.
  4. Thanks chap currently it is sat in a saucer of water permanently, so with such a loose airy mix that should be fine. I will keep you posted.
  5. Hello all you fine chaps out there! Well my DC XL arrived in the post today, bare root. I didn't realise it would be sent bare rooted, I thought it would come in a pot in the correct potting mix. So in my hast on my dinner break I quickly nipped home from work. I quickly put together a 50/50 mix of Long Fibred Sphagnum Moss and Perlite. I did a little research since being home after work now, and came up with the Long Fibred Sphagnum moss is fine by its self. Or to do a Sphagnum peat moss and perlite 50/50 mix. But could not find a Long Fibred Sphagnum Moss and Perlite 50/50 mix. Is that because of the possibility of it being to free draining? Will my DC XL be fine, in its current mix? or is it best to change it to either 50/50 Sphagnum peat moss and Perlite or 100% Long Fibred Sphagnum Moss?
  6. Very nice collection, I really like the Leuco and Adrian Slack.
  7. Yeah hopefully. No takers then if its a disease or just natural die back? On my Sarracenia.
  8. Thanks. Do any of you guys think it may be rust spot? As I have photographed the damaged pitchers in the photo's.
  9. Hello I believe the plant I brought from a garden certre which was sold as a Sarracenia Maroon is actually in fact a Sarracenia Purpurea ssp Venosa v. Burkii. I checked this in my Savage Garden Book Revised edition. I would like it if one of you more knowledgeable chaps on here could confirm this? Please. There appears to be some sun burn on my Sarracenia. But also some sort of pest or disease. I have read my book, but it does not have any photo's of the diseases. Do any of you guys know what it is?
  10. Thanks for the replies guys, knew I could count on this place! The biggest traps on my stardard Venus fly trap is just over 2.5cm! So I am happy with that!
  11. Hello I'm looking to grow a DC XL Venus Fly trap, but I can't find it for sale anywhere in the UK. Does anyone have one in there private collection they would be willing to sell? Even if its only seed I would be very grateful! I'm sure someone here must have? I do apologise to the moderators if this is in the wrong section. But I wanted it to get the most exposure.
  12. Well I have feed my neps a tea fertiliser, so far so good!
  13. What neps don't like hobnobs! Its a travesty! Thanks for the reply, I'm a big tea drinker so when my neps need it, it will get tea. The coffee drinkers in this house drink instant coffee, so not really an option.
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