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  1. trades seeds live plants Must be in USA!!! Plz comment
  2. yay! my vft's are flowering... at the wrong time of year!

  3. yay! my vft's are flowering... at the wrong time of year!

  4. yay! my vft's are flowering... at the wrong time of year!

  5. so.... i have about 30 vunus flytrap seedlings now...

  6. look at this: lance leaf sundew
  7. well, well, well, so we meet again you evil garden pests... i find it ironic when bugs start eating my meat eating plants!

  8. Pinguicula have been known to be the hardiest of all. I've seen people remove all of the leaves and plant them, and they grew, and the roots created new leaves.
  9. I'm following this because this has me really curious. :)
  10. Now my flower stalk is 4 1/2 inches now. it's growing buds ( about 5 of them) I'm soooooo excited!!!! updates are coming! -NateCarnivore
  11. They spiral up because they are made for the sole purpose of reproduction. these strange leaves are called Gemmae or gemma- singular. They spiral up in strange patterns in some species. In other species this could be a flower, but these sundews sound to be way too young, they may as well be Gemmae.
  12. So.. I went to repot my Drosera and i noticed a flower stalk only 1 inch (3 cm) long!!! first time I've seen a real flower stalk forming! Així que .. me'n vaig anar a replantar meu Drosera i em vaig adonar d'una flor de tija només 1 polzada (3 cm) de llarg! primera vegada que he vist una veritable formació de tija de la flor! Also .. Ich ging zu meinem Drosera umtopfen und ich bemerkte einen Stiel nur 1 Zoll (3 cm) lang! erste Mal, dass ich eine echte Blütenstiel bilden gesehen!
  13. The reason that I like plants is that they CANNOT run away! :)

  14. Drosera have the strongest digestive system of all of the plants don't they? So the ant must have an oil on them... Drosera have a hard time digesting oils.