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  1. Thanks very much guys. Here's one species that didn't make it into any book of Stewart McPherson So the next question is: where does it come from and what is its habitat?
  2. Can anyone tell me which Drosera species this is?
  3. Even through a layer of 20cm?
  4. Here's a picture of my peatbog. The substrate consists of perlite topped off with what we call Baltic peat. The bog is starting to cover up with live sphagnum. Would the smaller plants (like Drosera) grow through this layer or should I remove some of it?
  5. I have been keeping carnivorous plants for many years now. In my back garden I have created a peat bog with several species of Sarracenia, Drosera and Darlingtonia. The windowsill in my study has a few more and also several Nepenthes species. I will present both environments in separate topics.